Saturday, May 01, 2010

Terminal Tardness

Hacker of Sarah Palin's e-mail found guilty,
but that's not what I'm telling you about

Boned Jello

This is, comments made under this Reuters news item, by permanent members of the OJ jury pool ...
It was the hackers fault that Palin the Tea Bagger and Republican leader lost.
No Sarah, you lost because you are just plain D U M B.
But don't be surprised these right wing tea baggers always have someone else to blame for their stupidity.

Palin's husband and father were separatists, she is a poorly educated leader from a town know as 'the meth capital of Alaska.

"Why did you use an easily guessed password question?" "There was no reason to keep that a secret."


You know that if the situation had been reversed, that one of her follower had hacked into Obama's site, she would have said 'what have ya got to hide?" She still talks the nonsense about him growing up with communists.

Palin has violated Copyright and Patients Laws.
Palin copied the title of her book from Ronald Reagan's autobiography.
Sarah Palin's Book -- "Going Rogue: An American Life"
Ronald Reagan's autobiography -- "An American Life".
This insane religious fanatic with values exactly identical to the 'Family Values' first invented by propaganda minister for Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbals.
Read the Nazi version in Mein Kampf, and her version, and except for hate of Jews every other item is EXACTLY identical.
I dislike Palin intensely, but this guy broke the law intentionally and deserved to be convicted. Next, they should go after the other high ranking official's son who entered a Louisiana congresswoman's federal offices with the intent to make illegal videos in hopes of embarrassing her for political gain. There's no difference between these jerks.

Okay, you can find similar demonstrations from terminal tards anywhere comments are allowed.  I just landed on these today. They, none of them,  are allowed at my bull roast.  I'm taking away their vote franchise tool.  It is ordered.

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