Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I put it in the drawer with his birth certificate

Obama mama passport 'destroyed'
State Dept. claims records gone for Stanley Ann Dunham prior to 1968!

Stanley Ann Dunham
Responding to a Freedom of Information Act request, the State Department has released passport records of Stanley Ann Dunham, President Obama's mother – but records for the years surrounding Obama's 1961 birth are missing.

The State Department claims a 1980s General Services Administration directive resulted in the destruction of many passport applications and other "nonvital" passport records, including Dunham's 1965 passport application and any other passports she may have applied for or held prior to 1965.

Destroyed, then, would also be any records shedding light on whether Dunham did or did not travel out of the country around the time of Barack Obama's birth. 
[Read the full article, then meet at the barn tonight]


TimO said...

What an AMAZING 'coincidence'!!!!

DougM said...

How conveeeeenient.

(Turing word: mento. Yep, they prob'ly did.)

Anonymous said...

Can't fool me. That's a young Buzzy Ginsburg. Uhbama's mother is on SCOTUS! The fix is in.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

But all of those great photos of her are still out there on the net.

Anonymous said...

The level of corruption is staggering. This shit has been planned since the little cocksucker was born and I really wonder if his mother died of cancer. Let's see those records, I'll bet either Barry or some of his people had her knocked off just to tie up some loose ends. Little did he know then that the people of this country were so stupid that they pay no attention to little details like birth place, college records, transcripts, job record and other things. So "the won's" whore of a mother worked for Tax Cheat Timmy's dad back in the day...what and incestuous bunch they seem to be. It seems to me that the Dems could have found a candidate that had a clearer past to run for President, but then again if he had a well documented past, Soros wouldn't be able to pull his strings. This could also be the litmus test for the people. The Dems figure if they could get this shill elected then they could run roughshod over the people and Constitution because the general population had been sufficiently dumbed down.


Anonymous said...

While following the links in this post, I noticed something others have missed. Compare the pictures of Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro from the article linked above to this and this. There you have it. Undeniable proof that "Weird Al" Yankovic is Barak Obama's mother. If Weird Al was your mom, you wouldn't want to admit it (and Weird Al isn't doing a lot of bragging either).


Flyfish said...

That's funny. When I needed a copy of my birth records from 1953 because I was born to a USAF pilot stationed in Germany the State Department had no problems finding those documents and getting a certified copy back to me in 2 weeks so I could get my passport.

JMcD said...

What a beautiful, beautiful woman!
It's easy to see how she and that handsome, debonair,Kenyan hunk, Barack senior fell for each other.
The coupling of the Midwestern American darling and the charming African bon vivant and economics wizard was mandated by heaven to produce an offspring the likes of which has never been seen before and not likely to see again and.....and...wha?.............
Yeah, you're right...A complete load of unadulterated horseshit....
Sorry..........I SAID I'M SORRY and it won't happen again!

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