Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Inflation Here Boss

Why is this necessary?
The cost of goods and services going through the roof even though there's no inflation

Cutting Back Here Boss

My lying eyes are at it again.  For two years now I've been expecting the cost of stuff I buy - like food - to start dropping, or at least to not increase.  That's what should happen when people lose their jobs wholesale, and those who are working have salaries frozen, if not cut back.  Which causes businesses that have been around forever to close.  And the survivors to  lower prices in order to stay alive.  Which means cutting back on overhead by buying cheaper, trimming staff, etc., etc.  

Unless you were around for Jimmy Carter, you've never felt inflation; and you're not feeling it now.  We know that because government reports tell us there's no inflation.   Mr. Bernanke has maintained that inflation is not even a threat!  He's a smart guy.  Has to be.  Figured out how to print money faster than Zimbabwe with no ill effect.

So why in hell is the price of cotton, sugar, orange juice and underpants going through the roof?  Our government wouldn't be sending out phony economic reports would they?   Of course they would.  It's part and parcel of  living in a nanny state, where bad news is controlled  because we the people are just so helpless when faced with harsh realities, don't you know?

Cuzzin Ricky, my staff economist,  keeps sending me WASS economic reports that put the lie to every damn thing we are being told by this Obamunist gummint.  I don't read them anymore.  I don't have an answer.   La la la la la ... . 


TimO said...

I had a suspicion when W took office that the Clintons had 'cooked the books' and they've been carrying it on quietly ever since.

I certainly remember what it was like to go to the grocery store under Carter and not know every week if I could afford enough to get us through the week... I'm starting to lay in extra supplies every week as I can.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

A&P had a sale on pork, chicken, and beef. My chest freezer is packed to the rim now. I expect prices haven't even begun their run-up.

To be fair, its a little more than just the dollar heading into the sewer. Weather conditions (mostly cold.. not heat) did some major damage to rice, wheat, and corn crops. New Zealand's lamb industry took a major losses as lambs froze to death in the middle of one of the worst winters in memory.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what keep my 50 year old self awake at night. My wife & I have worked decades to be debt free and have retirement savings. We'd be in great position except for two factors beyond our control:

- there is no competitive market to lock in lifetime health care, as the government has distorted the industry. There are two competitive markets for health care: poor quality government plans (medicare, medicaid, VA) and major plans that cater to companies and corporate retirees.

- our lifetime savings are being rendered worthless by a monetary policy that will use inflation to get out of debt (read Peter Schiff, "Crash Proof 2.0".)

That's why I support the Party of "Hell No!" A decade of uniformed service, social security contributions since age 15, and a lifetime of sacrifice just to have the Kenyan Looter decide my wealth must be ill-gotten and hence redistributed?

jr in wv.

toadold said...

Well their had been complaints that the Government had been defining "Core" inflation with an ever narrowing choice of goods and services saying they had to exclude "temporary" abberations.

But as you can tell from the photo sooner or later the Regiment will have to buy a new one.

Anonymous said...

Well if they are averaging in the cost of housing. A 50% drop or so will cover a lot of sins...

Anonymous said...

jr in wv - exactly. I'm livid about this. I recall telling my financial planner twelve years ago that the one thing that will kill all my dreams and plans would be runaway inflation. And here it is - after the Carter Community Reinvestment Act , Clinton driving the Act deeper into overregulation, malfeasance, massive corruption and fraud on the part of Democrats, and Dodd/Frank denying the Act was a problem - had already lopped the cream off the top of my savings and investments.
I have Lefarge dreams often.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

My bad - make that "Defarge dreams".
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

I saw an economist on Fox News the other day. He had a chart showing the price of crude oil, wheat, corn and cotton - all rising almost in parallel. He said, "yes, there is no inflation unless you use transportation, eat food or wear clothes." How true.


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