Wednesday, March 09, 2011

It ain't color stupid, it's political affiliation.

They're never wrong,
They never resign
I wasn't too surprised when I read a report on Politico that in over 30 of the probes the new Office of Congressional Ethics was considering, the only active investigations were on Black Congresspersons. That is the way institutional racism is supposed to work. - [Why Just CBC Members Charged with Ethics Violations?]

Rangel - convicted on 11 counts

I saw today that recidivist scofflaw Alcee Hastings (D FL) is being sued for sexual harassment.  I'm thinking. hey - there are so many Democrats under investigation right now that it might be easier to list only those who are not.  What I stumbled upon in pursuit of that theory was this --  a charge of racism from Dr. Ron Walters. a  Professor Emeritus of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland.  His complaint: its's pretty damned suspicious that so may CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) members are being targeted for ethic and legal violations.  To wit:
Alcee Hastings (D FL)
Sexual harrasment suit

Roland Burris (D Il) " The benefit of the doubt had already been stretched thin and taut by the time Roland Burris offered his third version of the events leading to his appointment to the U.S. Senate. It finally snapped like a rubber band, popping him on that long Pinocchio nose of his, when he came out with version four."
Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), ... stands accused of obtaining $12 million in TARP money for the bank OneUnited, on whose board her husband Sidney Williams once sat, and in which he owned more than $350,000 in stock. Trial keeps being postponed.

Donald Payne (D-NJ)
... receiving  improper gifts in travel to Caribbean conferences 2007 and 2008.
Charlie Rangel (D-NY),
Multpile counts tax evasion, perjury, felony theft, and being a bigger crook than the Harlem crook he replaced.

Carolyn Kilpatrick (D-Mich.) ... receiving  improper gifts in travel to Caribbean conferences 2007 and 2008.

Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.)
Used his House Committee on Homeland Security to Jesse-Jacksoned (shook down)  credit card companies for campaign donations.

Sheila Jackson Lee - (D-TX)
According top IRS has not paid all of the legally required payroll taxes
Donna Christensen (D-V.I.) ... receiving  improper gifts in travel to Caribbean conferences 2007 and 2008.

Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.),
A chip off the old black - Jesse Jr. use of campaign money to fly his girlfriend to Chicago several times; alleged to have tried to buy Blagos seat.

Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX)
...  awarded thousands of dollars in college scholarships to four relatives and a top aide's two children since 2005, using foundation funds set aside for black lawmakers' causes.
 Now this is funny on two levels -
  1. Gee, how about that.  Poor babies.
  2. In making his point, Dr. Walters names a string of  white lawmakers who are just as bad, or worse, but have escaped scrutiny.  And all of them are  Democrats!
Liberals are really just children.  With guns, however, so to speak..


Anonymous said...

When you sleep with dogs you will wake with fleas!

TimO said...

Color is just secondary.
It's not that they're black... it's that they are Democrat.

hellferbreakfast said...

They'll all get a pass. The charges are just "token" charges. You don't think congress will actually do anything, seriously???

Anonymous said...

I love this strip.

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