Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beware the Trojan Ass: Chris Christie

Beware the Trojan Ass
The Media Offer Advice

Res Ipsa Loquitur

We're aware of  the establishment left's penchant for advising the GOP on winning election strategy,  which is what the WaPost has here endeavored to do (The right running mate for Romney)

[...] Christie would not transform New Jersey into a presidential swing state — a persistent but hopeless Republican dream. But he could contribute to the repositioning of the Romney campaign in two important, seemingly contradictory ways. Christie would provide an infusion of blue-collar combativeness, which is foreign to Romney and pleasing to GOP conservatives. At the same time, Christie would represent a move to the ideological center. He is not a global warming skeptic. He supported an assault weapons ban in his state. He is an immigration moderate and has friendly relations with New Jersey’s Muslim community. [...] 

First: *snort, spit*.
Second. There is truth in Michael Gerson's argument.  Christie's combativeness against New Jersey's embedded unions sent shills up my, and Ann Coulter's, legs.  She has yet to fully shake them off.  In an era of equivocating political pussies, Christie is a breath of, well, Ronald Reagan.  His stance on global warming, however,  exposes him as being either a rank political horse trader, insufferably stupid, or both.  Add "supported assault weapons (semi-auto hunting rifles) ban, immigration moderate (there is no such thing) and  friendly relations with an intractable enemy, and you have Mario Cuomo. I fully expect that Christie will one day run for office as a democrat.


Anonymous said...

Still Rog, I do love watching him take on the teacher's unions.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

As do I. But the man is fatally flawed.

Jess said...

Christie - the one eyed king.

markshere2 said...

Only the Stupid party would think it a good idea to add another white male northeast RINO to the ticket.

Lets get some melanin or estrogen on the ticket! We can be inclusive, with just a little thought.

Why not actually try to win?

Bilejones said...

"shills up .. Ann Coulter's, legs."

Didn't realize Christie was a girl.

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