Thursday, May 31, 2012

Iran- Israels bitch

Iran Computers hit virus;
"more harmful than the 2010 Stuxnet virus"

Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab ZAO said the "Flame" virus was unprecedented both in terms of its size and complexity, possessing the ability to turn infected computers into all-purpose spying machines that can even suck information out of nearby cell phones.

"This is on a completely different level," Kaspersky researcher Roel Schouwenberg said in a telephone interview Tuesday. "It can be used to spy on everything that a user is doing." 
Res Ipsa Loquitur

The perpetrator, or perpetrators are unknown. *cough*

cuzzin ricky


Anonymous said...

Actually, I'd put my money on us over the Israelis, but hey, haters gotta hate.


TimO said...

IF "Muslim" THEN format drive
goto TEST

Anonymous said...

IF "Muslim" THEN "value"=0


Anonymous said...

Why not the Chinese? They have some of the best cyberwarriors, and are "friendly" with the Iranians, but know that the Iranians are helping finance the Uighers in "Northwest China," and have access. NOBODY wants the mullahs to have nuclear weapons.

Skoonj said...

Something fishy about this one. Supposedly aimed at the oil industry, and why would we or Israel care that much there? Some sources say it recently appeared and did little or no damage, while Kaspersky Lab says it it very big and dangerous. There is the possibility that this is meant to be an advertisement for Kaspersky Lab, a Russian company, and Iran is a client state of Russia. Maybe they want the Iranians to feel they are doing a great job keeping their computers clean since the Stuxnet fiasco.

Kristophr said...


Nope. Send a copy of the hard drive to Langley every week.

Kristophr said...

Skoonj: probably. I'm sure the Iranian .gov now avidly uses Russian made anti-virus software.

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