Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Missionary

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The Missionary

There's every reason why you may have missed The Missionary. For starters, it's British, and was made in 1982.  But look at this cast.
  • Michael Palin as The Reverend Charles Fortescue
  • Maggie Smith as Lady Isabel Ames
  • Trevor Howard as Lord Henry Ames
  • Denholm Elliott as The Bishop
Fortescue is a missionary returning from Africa after a ten year religious mission to wed his sweetheart who refuses to be touched. His new assignment is to minister to the prostitutes of London. The movie is played dead-pan, and it's more a series of skits than an in depth comedy period piece; and the ending is rather abrupt and unsatisfying.  So what,  it's all great fun.  The Ame's butler especially cracked me up.  I watched it on NetFlix instant.

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