Tuesday, February 04, 2014

inner peas


Find of the Week - Trader Joes INNER PEAS (This lady says it all)

I'm going to spend considerable time trying to duplicate these in the dehydrator.  Like eating crunchy, flavorful  air. 


poletax said...

My sotty beer swilling bunch laffed at me when I brought these by.
I'll have to take two bags next time.

Ralph Gizzip said...

My kids love those things. Trade Joe's has some really great stuff. You just have to hold your nose to keep from smelling all the patchouli oil and furry armpits.

Tom Smith said...

Costco has mule sack size bags of these. Not bad.

Mike C said...

I just don't buy into the whole 'organic' thing at Trader Joes that seems to me to be an excuse to inflate the prices. Now for crunchy, healthy goodness, I made some of these Buffalo Roasted Chickpeas. Same healthy benefit, cheap, crunchier, and from a can.

Helly said...

Some good news and bad news about these tasty snacks. Tom is right — go large at Costco.

The bad news is you will never come close to replicating this why any type of home appliance. They come out of a "puffing gun." Which is to say, the food is put into an immense pressure vessel and taken to ± 60 atmospheres. Then the pressure is suddenly released. Water within the food explosively vaporizes and puffs the product.

Dave Arnold got one from a foreign source, but had to build a safety enclosure to keep it from killing people.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Thanks for stopping me from diligently trying to replicate at home and becoming a multimillionaire upon succeeding. Sigh.

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