Monday, May 12, 2014

Rodham Clift Still Breathes

Eleanor Rodham Clift says Chris Stevens was "not murdered" in Benghazi (VIDEO)

He died of smoke inhalation

Degree to which panicked liberals will go "Eleanor Clift: Amb Stevens Wasn't Murdered, He Died Of Smoke Inhalation" 

.@EleanorClift -Example of why Americans hate the mainstream media as much as they hate politicians ---lies lies lies! @HeyTammyBruce

.@EleanorClift, here Amb Stevens is alive, stripped of his pants, holding his own arm up. Correct yourself NOW.

Wow, the stupidity of the leftist Obama shill @EleanorClift is breathtaking

Daddy, Why did mommy say the lady  is a "lying tunt"  What's a tunt?


Anonymous said...


These dims are really worried about this "Select Committee", but I think they really fear Trey Gowdy in particular.

He already is focused on the scent, I can't wait this he latches onto some dopey libs leg and sinks his teeth in.

Worth the price of admission.


Kung Pow said...

People on the streets of Baltimore aren't murdered. They die from lead poisoning. And the resultant loss of blood.

Anonymous said...

Lets just hang them all now and avoid long lengthy trials packed with falsehoods and true lies.

iri said...

Bigger lies by bigger people have been believed by half the people.

Leonard Jones said...

You cannot make this up! This
liberal dork is too brain dead
to realize that the ambassador
died of an acute case of lead

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