Thursday, October 02, 2014

Jindal's evolution

Whacking Democrat Media Monkeys

I don't know that he so much schools the smarmy pissant,  as adeptly stop him from framing  the question.  Which makes me ask myself this question.

 "What other candidate for president has a better record than Jindal's, as governor of LA., or have by their actions, and political philosophies, been a better model for being the next best president since Ronald Reagan?  Aside from Sarah Palin, who evidently is a non starter?


Anonymous said...

I live in Louisiana and it's nice to see our traveling governor is alive and well since we don't see him around here anymore. He is a good man and a smart man, but he does not follow up on his promises. He talks the talk but does not walk the walk. Please do not jump on the Jindal bandwagon before reviewing his record, not what he says is his record.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

By the by, this identical caveat was made here in 2008 about Sarah Palin, so it would be good to have some particulars.

Anonymous said...

Had me goin' for a second there until you got to Sarah Palin.

Funny guy.

Bobby Ahr

Sidwit said...

Palin did have some accomplishments during her time in office. Jindal has claimed a lot of accomplishments. The state budget is still rising and it's a time bomb for the next administration to face. We still have a ton of state employees. Political cronyism is alive and well. His handpicked senate president is a former democratic Edwin Edwards disciple. His buddies in the administration seem to get lots of money thrown their way. He has crippled the legislative auditors office. His gold standard ethics reform is a joke. Earmarks have doubled. He's playing games with Common Core. He has a history of being for something until his aids tell him the natives are "still" restless, then he changes his mind. He has been gone 1 out of every 4 days. It seems like he is more interested in building up his national image than taking care of business in Louisiana. He is more interested in getting good SoundBits from Hannity, etc. than in fulfilling his duty to the state. I am a conservative republican and a one time supporter.

Anonymous said...

That little speech of his is most politely described as "weasel words" - a flat out refusal to answer the question. But we always have Colbert to fall back on


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