Friday, October 17, 2014

Dinner and a Movie

Res Ipsa Loquitur        

Today's Win-Win

Trader Joe's Spinach and Kale Pie, and the movie The Best of Men (NetFlix; Amazon).  Had both last night.  The Spinach and Kale Pie knocked us out, but there's them what prolly won't like it.  The Best of Men, however, is a true story that will almost assuredly make your  "highly recommend"  list.

You're welcome.


Regnad Kcin said...

Spinach and kale pie? Talk about a 1-2 punch to your colon. Irritable bowel syndrome baked in a crusty sleeve of oily pastry. Popeye would have a hard time getting this thing down. URRPPP!!

Helly said...

Trader Joe's Spinach and Kale Pie

Good Lord. Get one of these and aim it at some meat immediately.

Anonymous said...

Rabbit food.

Butch Arugula

SoylentGreen said...

Spinach/Kale Pie - My GOD, Man! Where have you been all my life? My wife got so excited she immediately put it on our grocery list... Just after rooting out my rutabagas - again.

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