Friday, October 17, 2014


The Obamissariat                                      
Presidential Conduct Precedents

The back-to-back questioning of the President and Mrs. Clinton represented the first time that a sitting President has given a deposition about his official conduct. It was apparently the first time a sitting First Lady has ever been interviewed by law-enforcement officials about her conduct while in the White House. (Vince Foster death and  discussions of the Whitewater affair)

Clinton's videotaped deposition on Jan. 17 was the first time a sitting president was interrogated as a defendant in a court case. (Jones v Clinton)

Ebola hasn't yet broken out in the United States, but given the free-wheeling immigration policies brokered by Ted Kennedy in 1965—policy that sharply curtailed the immigration of Europeans in favor of third world nations—the clock is ticking. In the meanwhile, Brock Obama
A while back I wrote

"I think a case can be made to levy manslaughter charges against Obama for every U.S. death that can be traced to his reckless behavior.  Since the motivation for this onslaught of illegals is to create an undefeatable Democrat voting block, the DNC  ought also be made to atone. "

Now I'm compiling precedents

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