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I'm not excluding so called "date rape," but too often that's a nebulous deal; but clear-cut violent rape, where a woman is assaulted by someone she doesn't know, nor has any relationship with, is, or ought be, a capital offense.  So, is Rape-X a good idea? Here's

HBKanedge818's comment on the You Tune site.

This is a Fail. Think about it. This will only enrage the rapist to the point of Murdering the Woman.

If it's true that rape is an act of hate against women, then this deal could indeed be lethal.  But there's other reasons why I don't like it.  Just below I posted about SWAT-ing, a practice where lawless anti-gun Liberal loons, of whom we are aswamp, send police a false report about a gunman who is in fact just someone they know who carries.  These people are violent haters; True Believers who will stop at nothing to advance their movement.  Can we think of another group of Lib activists similarly  populated by sick minded hatersman haters?  That's right, "women liberation" skanks.  The RapeX sheath can be, in their hands, a weapon, not a prevention. 


Leonard Jones said...

I agree that things are not always black and white. Back
in the 90's there was nonstop coverage about rape
epidemics on college campuses. Every night, the news
led with "Is your daughter safe at college?" and the like.
The whole thing was based on a total of 4 allegations of
date rape, all of which were later determined to be false.

As we saw in the McMartin case, the Michael Brown and
Trayvon Martin case, the media loves to run with a
false narrative every chance it gets. I would love to
see rapists get far worse than this, but the possibilities
for abuse are a tad high!

Kim du Toit said...

I remember some guy in a bar once proclaiming, "That Hillary Clinton needs to be raped!" whereupon his buddy said, "You first."

Explosive laughter mixed with beer-spewing followed.

MAX Redline said...

In "Snow Crash" the female protagonist has such a device, but there's a small needle inside that delivers a dose of fast-acting sedative to the rapist.

I can see your point about it being a weapon in the possession of certain induhviduals, though.

Leonard Jones said...

Max Redline, I do not see very many raging feminists using
this device as a weapon. There is a reason most of these
women are lesbians: Their looks! The reason they are not
attracted to men is that they are not attractive to men.

Chadd said...

Max - if I recall, the female protagonist had the dentata device because her courier job took her into shady areas. In the story, she forgets that she's wearing it and much hilarity ensues. Neal Stephenson is a great writer.

poletax said...

I can see me gettin a sore nose.

MAX Redline said...

Leonard - What do feminists use for birth control? Their personalities....

Chad, yes on both points.

Murphy(AZ) said...

KIM! Stop this foolishness and get yer butt back blogging already! We miss you, and now it's just two years till the next Prez election, and we NEED your input!

Cut the crap and get BUSY!





BTW: as to your previous post, my response would have been: "Not even with YOUR d*ck!"

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