Friday, June 26, 2015

The Confederate Battle Flag

Beating Dead Horses Because They Aren't Really Dead
should be, but they ain't

The Confederate Battle Flag
Clinton-Gore Sign, 1992

This fairly sums up my feelings on the subject, evenbegrudginglythe "good neighbor" part (with the caveat that their current dudgeon is entirely due to ignorance).  And,  I must once again invoke  Shelby Foote. 

Once the flag is gone, the left will advance to the next issue then the next issue, etc. They won’t compromise. There is no compromise. There is only conversion or censorship with the left.

But I also think if you proudly fly the Confederate battle flag and call yourself a Christian, you need to ask yourself how you are being a good neighbor to the black family down the street, next door, or on the other side of town whose ancestors were enslaved under that flag and whose parents or grandparents faced down white men in the streets waving that flag as an act of rebellion against voting rights.

None of this really matters though. Because the issue is now politicized, you might as well buy stock in companies that produce the Confederate battle flag. They’re going to get a lot of orders from people who equate raising the stars and bars with raising the middle finger toward liberals up north.  [The Confederate Battle Flag]


Anonymous said...

The liberal left's idea of compromise is the same as their idea of bipartisanship - our way or the highway.

Anonymous said...

It must be physically painful to you blue-bellied fellows to hear the kings English displayed in such a soothing melodic fashion. I think it simply represents the peaceful feeling of Southern Life. A nice break from the screech of the self aggrandizing northeasterner.

DougM said...

Listening to Foote is always a delight,
and reading his works, even more so.

If you want my personal, tinfoil-hat take on this, Rodge, I think the Dems are trying to bury their "unfortunate" heritage (re: Confederacy, Jim Crow, Klan, etc.) in a massive act of arson.

Wabano said...

Yes, the southron democrats established Liberia to return their black slaves as they figured yankee slaves(kidnapped transients and forcibly indentured labor) worked better, longer hours and were more docile...four generations of systematic rapes of the black slave females also produced a lot of white slaves, almost thirty per cent of them...
Results: a million dead and wounded in the southern rebel provoqued civil war...
that they end finally in infamy is richly deserved, because as after the war, it sure seemed that they did win the damned thing...KKK rule until the twenties...etc...

Wabano said...

Aaaand a cannibal Republican is said to have shut down the rebel democrat born KKK...Yes, D.C. Stephenson, an Indiana republican KKK Grand Dragon ate a secretary applicant...following week, the Klan got a million resignation letters...

Darrell said...

I don't pee my pants when I see a Confederate battle flag. It's effin' history, get over it.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

.. If you want my personal, tinfoil-hat take on this, Rodge, I think the Dems are trying to bury their 'unfortunate' heritage"

What we'd expect Doug-- 40 years ago. But the left's industrial news and education machine have by now successfully soldered a new legend into place. Today's college kids think Christopher Columbus a white European exterminator of the saintly, rightful owners, of this continent. They believe that Abe Lincoln and his Democrats staved off the right-wing cracker Republican racists who tried to take over the Union. Some hyperbole, but not much.


iOpener said...

Anonymous: It's not the King's English, it's the Queen's English. Long live Her Majesty, Elizabeth II!

The useless chickenshite putzes at Amazon and Ebay won't sell the stars and Bars anymore. But will. I just bought one for a mere 40 bucks, even though I'm a Canadian in Canada.

The lefties have made a big mistake here, I hope. We finally have a big, clear and easily available rallying symbol. Buy one, fly it early and often.

Lefties - illegitemi non carborundum.

Anonymous said...

Hey, folks display the Rebel Flag even in New Jersey! And there are black folks in Dixie who display the Rebel Flag; I've seen black guys in Dixie with Rebel Flag tattoos!!

You would think that condemning that flag would be the "overreach" that would finally turn the tide. It should alienate the entire South and a good bit of the North and cause the Dems to go down in defeat.

But that's reality, and the masters of propaganda who are now in charge have sufficiently dumbed down and brainwashed enough of the country that even so-called Conservatives are rushing to climb aboard the Orwellian bandwagon.

Caballero Andante

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