Friday, April 08, 2016

Kanuk of the North exposed


Leonard Jones said...

This is a lot like a more recent scam where
some "lost tribe" was found in the Philippines.
Untouched by nature, they had never encountered
modern man, machinery, you name it. It all
turned out to be a hoax designed by some
dipshit anthropologist who paid people
from another tribe to playact their parts.

The same people feigning ignorance at
a flashlight were smoking Marlboro's in
their American logo T-shirts listening
to rock and roll on their radios.

Wabano said...

I see they both mix Inupiats and Inuits...Inupiats do use kayaks and igloos but they dress and talk different than Inuits...Different nations...Inupiats live in the Canadian Mackenzie delta and the north shore of Alaska...Inuits everywhere east all the way to Greenland. Todd Palin is part Yupik, which is a western Inupiat

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