Friday, September 16, 2016

Columbia *snif- it's a tragedy* Student

—  You Utter Berk            

VIDEO: Columbia Student Cries Over Trump Chalking on Campus


Thanks in large part to the Emory University students who pathetically panicked after seeing pro-Trump messages written in chalk on campus sidewalks, pro-Trump messages are now appearing on other college campuses. The whole thing is going viral on Twitter under the hashtag #TheChalkening.

We covered the great campus Chalkening back in April. (See panel)

In this video, James O'Keefe and Project Veritas Action journalists "trigger" a Columbia University student while chalking for Trump. While chalking and building a mini wall, the Columbia student became overly emotional and scared. When the student continued to have a meltdown, campus security intervened and asked O'Keefe to leave. A school maintenance worker immediately washed away the Trump chalkings with a hose once O'Keefe and the PVA journalists left.

Do I have to say it? 


Anonymous said...

A nation of crybabies. Tragic.

Tom Smith said...

The guy with the hose got the last word. At least nobody was killed for speaking.

Part 2 should be a pro-Hillary event just to see is she gets "hosed" too.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't hose Hillary with your dick.

Wm. Jefferson Blythe Clinton

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