Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Eat Me

   HELTER SKELTER                          
Provoking Racial Unrest; The End  Game
U.S. owes black people reparations for a history of ‘racial terrorism,’ says U.N. panel


Anonymous said...

What does the UN owe for all the child sex-slaves of the UN troops? Or causing cholera in Haiti.

Veeshir said...

We need to take the Netherlands to the Hague for their role in starting the African slave trade.

Then, we take Britain to the Hague for their role in bringing slaves to their southern colonies.
Then, the Puritans for bringing indentured servants.
I have standing for that, my step-father's ancestor was an indentured servant on the Mayflower, he even has a house at Plymouth Plantation.

Then we bring the UN or all their human trafficking deals wherever UN 'Peacekeepers' are stationed.

Anonymous said...

I figger the UN owes the United States about a trillion in reparations for their seventy years in NYC just for all their illegal parking for starters. We'll talk about the other stuff later.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

pdwalker said...

The UN. Oh how I wish I were God Emperor of the US of A.

I'd grab every piece of shit in that building and sort them out.

To the foreigners, I'd evict them to their home countries and mark them as "never to be allowed to return to the US".

To the traitors, I'd give them a one way ticket to Liberia and revoke their US citizenship.

To the workers, I'd suggest they never get a job with any non-American organization or be at risk of being treated as the traitors above.

Then I would revoke any and all UN treaties that the US has been mistakenly involved in (all of them really) and make a law that any US citizen who tries to invoke international organizations to alter US domestic affairs would be launched by catapult into the nearest mountainside.

As for the UN building(s), I'd televise the complete demolition of the buildings live on TV, and then I'd turn it into a park after every trace of the old was removed.

If I accomplished nothing else in my term of God Emperor of the US of A, I'd consider my term a complete and total success.

But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Whelp, out of every ten Africans that left the continent, only one made it to the US on average. Most went to the West Indies or Brazil. Seems someone else would have a whopping bill to pay. -Anymouse

JimB said...

Sorry Anymouse... Them countries are broke

Anonymous said...

pdwalker: Throw in a wall on the Mexican border, a plan to defeat ISIS and an end to political correctness and you've got our vote!

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Hellen Les Déplorable said...

UN trolling is the gold standard sanctimony. I actually admire that.

Bonus: Perfect illustration of Resting Bitchy Face. WTG Rodge.

Esteve said...

JimB, so is this one.

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