Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Dems "Seventh Estate" (DEAD)

The Dems "Seventh Estate"

Sara Sosa from Colorado Springs died on Oct. 14, 2009. However, voting records showed ballots were cast for Sosa in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Nell “Ma” Cluck, as she was known, died on Feb. 1, 2009. Nine months later a vote in an election was cast under Cluck’s name.

John Grosso of Denver, a father, grandfather and World War II veteran died on Dec. 13, 2004, and records show that Grosso then voted two years later, in a 2006 primary election.

El Paso County officials have found 78 dead people on their voter rolls after the CBS4 report was published and they have previously removed 448 people from the registered voter list since 2012.

yadda yadda yad ....


Anonymous said...

Let me guess which party they were voting for.......?


Hellen Les D├ęplorable said...

In fairness, with Hillary at the top of the party, it's getting much harder to distinguish a live Democrat from the dead ones.

Anonymous said...

California Republican Congressman Bob Dornan was defeated by Democrat Loretta Sanchez in an upset, by the narrow margin of 984 votes in 1996. Dornan charged that Sanchez’s margin came from non-citizens, and an investigation by the House of Representatives found that 547 non-citizens had voted in the election, but not enough to void the election. Some believe that far more non-citizens who were not detected actually voted. John Fund, in his book Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy, says that an INS investigation in 1996 into alleged Motor Voter fraud in California’s 46th District revealed that “4,023 illegal voters possibly cast ballots in the disputed election between Republican Robert Dornan and Democrat Loretta Sanchez.”

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