Monday, September 12, 2016

Lindsey Graham said what?


Sen. Lindsey Graham, R.-S.C., had trouble absolving Donald Trump's supporters of racism when he was asked to explain the real estate mogul's success in the Republican primary season.

Graham denounced Trump for race-baiting during an appearance on "The Daily Show," but the comedy host turned the question around on him. "If you say Donald Trump is not a Republican, why does it seem like the Republican base fits him like a glove?" Trevor Noah asked Wednesday night. "Have you maybe given them an impression that this is a party that supports xenophobia and bigotry, all of those things you listed? Is that possible?"

The audience cheered as Graham shrugged. "Thirty-five percent of my party believes that Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya; [Trump] has locked that crowd down," he replied. "Now, sixty-five percent of us just think he's a bad president." [Full]

My rejoinder:
Please explain how "Thirty-five percent of my party believes that Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya," earns the lede "Lindsey Graham: 35 percent of GOP is racist?"

The real story here, for me, is this.  The (source) Washington Examiner is now just another web presence I once found a good source for conservative news & viewpoints, that are now among the GOP elite that's more hostile to Donald Trump than to Hillary Clinton.   

I suspect the cause is those "journalists" depend on core GOP elitists for the insider information, the manna that make them a worth a paycheck.  Trump's ascension to the throne  scares the crap out of  their old bull congressional clients, so they respond like traditional leftist media do; they let
suckup trump truth.  Fkm. All.


Anonymous said...

About eighty percent think Lindsey is a girl. What possible motivation could Graham have for making a statement like that at this time in the campaign? For a Republican, he sure leaves his locker conveniently unlocked often enough so the Dems can steal his lunch.

Deplorable Helly said...

Putting Graham in the corner is one more great reason to elect Trump.

why does it seem like the Republican base fits [Trump] like a glove?

That's a fair question. Republicans benefit when America is built up. Democrats benefit when America is trashed.

Now I would ask this and any other RINO, 'Explain how runaway deficits, unchecked illegal immigration, militarization of the municipal police and federal civil agencies, total corruption of the federal civil service, ObamaCare, Common Core, Iraq giveaway, Iran billions for nukes, Africanization of our cities, etc. happen on his watch?

Esteve said...

Graham is living proof that Republican voters in South Carolina are definitely not homophobic.

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