Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Local Boy Makes Good

From: Thomas Lifson
Subject: congratulations!
Date: September 27, 2016 3:13:37 PM CDT
To: Stu Tarlowe <>
Cc: rick moran

See 7th paragraph:
Hat tip: Jay Michaels

Here's the reference:

Trump’s best moment, according to Stuart Tarlow(e), of American Thinker, came when he distinguished himself from Clinton based on their disparate backgrounds. Trump characterized his opponent as a "typical politician," who knows how to make statements and promises that sound good, but who never actually gets things done, Tarlow(e) wrote.

I'm glad to hear that American Thinker is being read over at Fox News!

If only they'd spelled my name right! But I'm still kvelling.

Cheers,  ST


Eskyman said...

Glad to see that they're reading you over at Fox, Stu Tarlowe- well done!

You should've added a link to the actual article you wrote, though. It's a good article, and you stated clearly much of what I too noticed at the "debate." Here's the link:

For some reason Trump backed off using his most devastating weapons on Hillary. Lots of us will be wondering why for some time to come! I can understand why he didn't want to get into the Lewinski matter, or the "bimbo eruptions-" but he could have slaughtered her on her unprotected server, the Clinton money-laundering operation, and so many more things that he usually mentions at his rallies.

For me one of the most galling parts was the Gun Control issue. Why didn't Trump give the facts: Paris, Chicago, Riverside CA, all heavily gun-controlled- which gives the advantage to the bad guys! Where do shootings occur? In "gun-free" zones! Then he got into arguments about stop-and-frisk, and worst of all agreed with Hitlery that no-fly lists have got to be made! (Which as you know is totally unconstitutional.) Grrrr!

Trump had so many good arguments that he simply didn't bring out, and as you pointed out, he was on the defensive most of the debate. It was very frustrating to watch!

Anyway, congrats on your Fox debut!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know the story behind that photo of you and Dutch!

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