Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Thomas Sowell says ...

Liberal Racism                          

"30 years of liberal policies:
 more damaging to blacks than slavery"

Some responses

This guy is a liberal's nightmare.

Im pretty sure libs detest free thinking period!

I bet a BLM member would stab this man to death, for being a coon ass uncle tom.

I'm sure Cenk and Ana from The Young Turks would call him a coon.

The left are using a brilliant strategy of ruining the lives of minorities and using their anger and frustration to sic them on the conservatives. Then, when the minorities are in a war against the right wing people, the left gives them rhetorical support and gains most of their votes. Meanwhile, the minorities are so busy fighting a deeply emotional battle, that they are unable to stop and think logically about what's going on and the conservatives will be busy defending themselves from all kinds of attacks and false allegations.

"People don't think economics be like it is, but it do." Black Economics Guy

Just think of all the upper class college cry babies you could trigger with this.

They'd probably scream about "hate speech" like Trigglypuff.

Thomas Sowell is the epitome of sound reasoning.

I bet the "Left" cannot stand Mr. Sowell.

BD H: It's not that the constitution will be amended, it comes down to these "wolves in sheep's clothing" trade agreements that are/will subvert the constitution. The mother of them all being the TPP, which if you haven't read will basically allow corporations to run rough shot and they will be beholden to no countries laws/judicial systems. Not to mention that it basically dissolves countries borders and sovereignty. Don't believe me, check out the safe cities network or the UN disarmament agreement that John Kerry signed not too long ago. That is what these people are talking about. I don't play the ideology game, left, right, liberal, conservative, it's all bullshit. However, I do know what tyranny looks like and this only the beginning.

Barack Obama would have the feces and urine scared out of him if he ever tried to publicly debate Thomas Sowell !

I'd love to see that. It'd be the intellectual equivalent of someone with no arms trying to fight Bruce Lee.

The truth is liberalism is an act. Liberals don't care about blacks, or gays, or Muslims. They aren't willing to spend their own money to help the poor or disadvantaged. What they want (and I'm speaking about every Hollywood liberal elite here) is for YOU to think that THEY CARE, when they really don't.

Michael Massey-- very well said....the appearance of caring...just like much of anything of this latest generation, fakeness.....

One of the truly great intellects produced by my country. A man such as this should not be a voice in the wilderness, he should be among the most respected of leaders.

That will never happen because he completely destroys the liberal media narrative with logical reasoning and facts, so he will never get the deserved exposure for him to go mainstream

This man is considered an uncle Tom,I mean literally that is his name.I hope his nieces and nephews don't called him uncle Tom.Seriously though he is a brilliant man.

I've never seen Dr. Sowell appear on a Sunday talking head show, or any other such discussion group.  Ever. Maybe did and I missed it.  Still, Thomas Sowell is to sound racial policy as was Milton Friedman to sound economic policy. Brilliant, and feared by the liberal left.


Unknown said...

I love Dr. Sowell. When he speaks of how safe Harlem once was, I can attest to that, as late as 1963-1966, when I attended high school at 135th and Convent Ave. and rode the "A" train to Harlem every day. Circa 1965 I saw James Brown perform at the Apollo; I was one of maybe 2 dozen white faces in a packed house, and there wasn't a whiff of a bad vibe.

So when Donald Trump says that the Black populace is in worse collective shape today than any time "ever", and they jump on him for failing to acknowledge slavery, Trump actually has Dr. Sowell in his corner.

jlw said...

Dr. Sowell has done many tv interviews. here is one

google "Thomas Sowell interview" for many more

Linda Sue O'Grady said...

when I was a but a teenager, growing up in Brooklyn in the 70s, the thing to do in the summertime was to head to the Island, Long Island, Freeport, and frolic on the beach. It was easy access, take the train to the Long Island Railroad and cruise right in.

Coming home one night, I fell asleep on the train, woke up confused and mistakenly jumped off at the East New York stop instead of Brooklyn. East New York = Harlem.

It was the last train off the Island. I had a choice. Sleep on the El till morning or hit the streets looking for a subway.

I opted for the subway option and walked about 10 blocks until I found one. I was a little cutie in my shortie shorts and swimsuit top, carrying my towel. In Harlem, close to midnight.

No one said a word to me. I found the subway, got on the train and went home.

wouldn't want to try that now.

Anonymous said...

^Linda Sue ...wouldn't want to try that now.
Especially since Bill Clinton's office is in Harlem.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Helly said...

Great video, thanks.

If you ever come across the picture of MLK (taken from behind) taken at the Lincoln Memorial, look at the Blacks listening to him on the Mall. It is obvious to me they were far better off then than now.

But it's wonderful for someone like Sowell to quantitate this degradation.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Yorkville which borders Harlem, there were problems back then but nothing like it is today. I remember sleeping on the fire escape when there was no such thing as air conditioning and when a Ice Box, was actually a Ice Box. My brother and I use to jump on a Train down to Penn Station and get on the LIRR (Long Island Railroad) and travel by ourselves at 10-11 years old to visit a Aunt and Uncle. BTW we never owned a phone so there was no way for my Mother to know whether we got there or not. Came home the same way on Sunday evenings on the Train.


Anonymous said...

Thomas Sowell also contributes articles weekly to National Review (spit). A couple weeks ago it was on why economist use household income instead of individual incomes to measure improvement in quality of life. Hint: It has something to do with Mark Twain's famous quote.

Anonymous said...

I Went to Rice High School in Harlem from 1960-64. I lived in Washington Heights a section of Manhattan just above Harlem and rode the "A" train or took the bus every day. I would sometimes walk from Eighth Avenue and 125th Street to Lennox Avenue (now named Malcolm X Blvd) and 124th Street. Never had a problem.

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