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Michael Moore melts down: Were are the clowns? Quick, send in the clowns! Don’t bother… they’re here. Helplessly blubbering in uncontrollable hysteria, lefty propagandist ... [He] rolled through D.C. like a lump of cholesterol slowly passing through the veins of the city, filling his Twitter stream with bad photographs and worse poetry:

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Pepper seasoning was added to this assortment of mixed nuts outside the “DeploraBall” inaugural event. Politico quoted NBC News reports about the demonstrators burning a Trump hat and lugging around an inflatable elephant festooned with a “RACISM” banner — because Republicans are racists, get it? See? SEE? — and then added their own impressions of the madness ...

Protesters outside the building chanted “Nazi scum” at DeploraBall attendees as they entered the building and a DeploraBall Twitter account posted videos of the group outside chanting “F— Trump.” Along with the video, the DeploraBall account’s post read, “SHOUTING WONT CHANGE TOMORROWS OUTCOME… CANT WAIT TO SAY PRESIDENT @realDonaldTrump.”

The demonstrators also brought with them a projector, used to project two messages onto nearby buildings: “Impeach the predatory president” and “bragging about grabbing a woman’s genitals.”

We oppose totalitarianism!” scream totalitarians: Enjoy the spectacle of people who fantasize about being brave resistance fighters against Trumpian tyranny blocking off checkpoints, denying others their rights to speech and assembly without a second thought:
Here are some more postcards from the edge, as lefty mobs do their best to convince Trump voters they made the right choice in November:

Tiny activist boasts of setting fires:  No left-wing protest is complete without some child abuse, so there was a little boy telling Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins that he started a fire outside the National Press Club “because I felt like it, and because I’m just saying, ‘Screw our president!”

Technically, he was saying “Screw Barack Obama,” who remains the current president until Trump takes the oath of office, but whoever taught him to start fires to express his unthinking rage apparently didn’t bother to teach him much in the way of civics.

Peaceful, tolerant protesters throw eggs, assault Trump supporters: Gateway Pundit reported on Trump supporters getting pelted with eggs, with one woman talking about how she was struck in the head several times:

His Twitter feed quickly filled with caring, compassionate liberals who accused him of faking the blood, and even of faking his hospital report, but there is video of the entire assault, and you can see the thug waving his flagpole around:

Some comments:

There is no I in team but there is a Soros in sore loser.

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      Soros is bleeding money these days on pathetic losing causes --- good.

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        Soros will never run out of money because he has enough money to move markets, and profit from the moves he causes by betting for the collapes he causes. It's time to use the RICO laws to strip him of his ill gotten wealth.

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    Sonoboy said...

    "Reichstag tonight"??? Who's the Nazi NOW, Michael?

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