Saturday, January 21, 2017

Reagan-Trump Inaugurals

Donald Trump Channels Ronald Reagan 

Jan 20, 1981 Jan 20, 2016

I glanced yesterday at MoSup toward the end of Donald Trump's inaugural address yesterday; she was silently weeping.  I had an irritant in my eyes as well.  I thought it was the most powerful inaugural speech I've ever heard.  On a whim, I dialed up Reagan's first such address and had much the same experience. Both were given after the precedent President's  disastrous policies had led us to the brink. Both left me with a genuine feeling of hope, and confidence that the ship would be righted.  I was dead right with Reagan, and expect the same from Trump.  God Bless America.


Anonymous said...

It was a great speech, one of the best I've ever heard. Of course the bitter enders, like the WSJ, George Will, Bill Kristol and the likes, still don't get it. . . . him or us. I don't know if they ever will and frankly don't care if they do.

There were times I wasn't so sure that we would survive this George Bush second eight year term {since Jugears has never taken responsibility for anything}, but thank God we have. The future is bright once again.

Melania was stunning, move over Jackie the competition has arrived.


Juice said...

I watched the inauguration in its entirety from 11 am (EST) to the end of the parade review (on youtube via Golden State Times a conservative channel). What I loved most was the strength of a "tough guy" POTUS who put our national strength, pride, and power on display for this country and all the world to view and remember. The new POTUS in town shared the awesome presence from the Secret Service, US Military branches, police departments, and others. It was a great reminder of we are after 8yrs of total weakness! It was "really snowflakes?" moment.

The parade entrants of bag piping fire departments, and marching bands, and military academies was a refreshing reminder of who real Americans are (after the past eight years). The tribute to Viet Nam helicopter pilots, disabled vets, and etal, was a display of America's real people.

Overall, it was a day of honor, respect, and American Greatness. BRAVO President Trump! We are filled with joy1

Skoonj said...

There was a moment in the parade that really brought back the old days for me. The NYPD Emerald Society marched, and their pipers played. The Emerald Society is for police of Irish descent. Once a year they go to mass together at St. Patrick's Cathedral, after which they form up and march in a parade. My father was a member, and the kids of members were allowed to go to mass and march in the parade. I think I went two or three times, and my sister at least once.

My father was also a member of the Shomrim Society, which was the Jewish fraternal organization in the PD. I think I only marched with them once.

I wasn't expecting the Emerald Society to appear in the President Trump parade, but he was a lifelong New Yorker and that must be why.

Anonymous said...

Yer Dad was Jewish AND of Irsih descent? There has to be a joke there. Like, what do you call a guy who's half Irish and half Jewish? A Leprecohen! (Half Jewish and half black would be a Leprecoon).

Anonymous said...

No, wait, that can't be right. shit.

Skoonj said...

My dad was Jewish. When he married my mother in 1948, well, she was Irish, so he adopted that as well.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

If I recollect properly, Dublin once had a Jewish mayor.

Anonymous said...

Irish and black is called a leprecoon. Black and Jewish is called Sammy Davis Jr.
And a guy who's black and French is callled Jaques Cousteau-dian.

Unknown said...

"If I recollect properly, Dublin once had a Jewish mayor."

That would have been Sir Robert Briscoe, the Lord Mayor of Dublin. I remember time and again him being in the audience of the Ed Sullivan Show and Ed having him stand up and take a bow.

There's a lot more to his story, including his connections to the IRA and the Irgun.

It's said that when Yogi Berra learned that the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Ireland was Jewish, he said, "Only in America!"

There's actually been a Jewish presence in Ireland for so long that some believe the Celts are one of the Lost Tribes of Israel. Chaim Herzog (the sixth president of Israel) was born in Ireland. And remember that Leopold Bloom, the protagonist in James Joyce's Ulysses, was an Irish Jew.

And yet, with all that, I can't seem to come up with a decent Irish Jew joke!

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