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Was perusing comments to Media ‘Underplayed’ How Hated Hillary Clinton Was in the Heartland and willhen50's stood out for content and concisenesses.  Scanning down, I found another comment thatonly now, as I'm constructing this, do I notice it's the same guy.  So,what the hell, I'm buying him a round.

    • The problems in the Middle East would never have happened if Obama didn't instigate the toppling of governments where stability was achieved. Egypt, Libya, and Syria seemed to have been his objective to put in the Muslim Brotherhood. He used American aircraft to attack a sovereign country who was no threat to America or American's. He even tried to influence an election in a country who was an ally. 
      What is worse, this Middle East turmoil made countries unstable and under the influence of Islamic Extremists who killed an American Ambassador and 3 other Americans and Obama uses the excuse of a video created by an American in America protected by the 1st Amendment and throws him in jail for a year. The truth is the "rebels" that were armed by the US turned on us and became TERRORISTS, ISLAMIC-EXTREMISTS, and ISIS.

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The problem with welcoming people who have a belief system that is contradictory to the Constitution, eventually these people will get into power and change or eliminate it completely. Obama showed a bias to the Constitution and American ideals and he created executive orders that proved it. His actions where he seemed repulsed at the longtime American influence with our allies and toppling Muslim governments where stability in the region was already achieved by American influence. Going around the world and apologizing for the nonexistent American Colonialism, bowing to a king displaying weakness, and playing golf while American's are being beheaded is inexcusable.

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