Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Who Wins? Tuck or Buzzard Feed?

Who Wins? Tuck or Buzzard Feed?


Anonymous said...

Tucker has become a "must see" daily. Night after night he destroys a dopey lib. On top of that his ratings have increased over MeMeMeghan by some seventy percent. Can't wait to see how many of the peacock loons pack and leave to make room for her. There was no way they were going to pay her that kind of money and bring her over there for a Sunday night show.


Ralph Gizzip said...

As a famous man once said, "Tucker could beat them with half his brain tied behind his back."

Juice said...

Once you see Tucker's face from 4:09 to 5:18 you are about to be Tuckered. His expressions are priceless and these libs who believe themselves to be up for the challenge? Yeah right, good luck at not being the fools that you are. Yes, goodbye to MeMeMegan.

Anonymous said...

That's a rhetorical question above the picture, right? - General Petty Officer Fifth Class Skyhawker Doug

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