Saturday, July 29, 2017



Unknown said...

Casanova (whose manner of relating to women was far different from that of Don Juan, even though the two are often invoked interchangeably) mastered the art of not looking at other women, which was in turn noticed by, and made a favorable impression upon, whatever woman he was with.

Eskyman said...

Like almost all Prager U. videos, that was great!

It presents facts, derived from actual studies; it analyzes those facts and uses logic and reason to arrive at certain conclusions, and it's fact-checked for accuracy. It's using the Scientific Method!

The only problem is... women don't use logic, reason or facts to arrive at conclusions of their own, and (most!) have deep-seated feelings of insecurity; so if you're a man, and have a relationship, and the two of you go to the beach, then--

The man had better be wearing VERY DARK GLASSES. A blindfold would be even better! Don't forget the neck brace either, even the slightest turn of the head will do you in, and the female radar will immediately detect it with dire consequences.

Men in relationships will know they're in trouble by a simple test: Just ask, "Honey, what's the matter?" When she replies "NOTHING!" in a voice several degrees below zero, you know! What you don't know- and neither do I- is how to get out of the trouble that you now know you're in.

Maybe that'll be the next topic from Prager U!

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