Saturday, July 29, 2017

...investigate the actions of James Comey, Loretta Lynch, the Clinton email ...


Knock Knock
Who's There?


"Attorney General Jeff Sessions was handed two important lifelines by the Senate and House Judiciary Committee's respectively in the last two days.

"On the Senate side, Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley made it clear that there would not be room on the calendar for consideration of a replacement for General Sessions until 2018, a direct message to the President that he might go a full year without an AG if he acts against Sessions.

"On the House side, things got really interesting as the House Judiciary Committee majority issued a letter to Sessions urging the appointment of a second special counsel to investigate the actions of James Comey, Loretta Lynch, the Clinton email scandal, as well as the unmasking of Trump campaign officials in what appears to have been the political use of our nation's intelligence resources.

"As a strong supporter of Attorney General Sessions, I strongly urge him to accept the House Judiciary Committee's recommendation and appoint a second special prosecutor to investigate the gross malfeasance that occurred during the Obama Administration. America needs to know, once and for all, if our nation's intelligence services were commandeered for political purposes and whether Hillary Clinton's offsite housing and subsequent destruction of more than 30,000 emails constituted a criminal act.  [FULL]


Skoonj said...

Gowdy? Useless.

Anonymous said...

Yes to all in the Gowdy letter.

Skoonj, Gowdy asks the right skewering questions, but the fact that Holder is still walking around free with an outstanding Contempt of Congress citation makes me feel all these hearings are toothless kabuki theater.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever smashed a hard drive with a hammer and was not guilty of at least obstruction of justice? Ask Martha Stewart. -Anymouse

Skoonj said...

Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick,

What you say is true. And, in that artful way, from a few centuries ago ...

It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing.

— Macbeth (Act 5, Scene 5, lines 17-28)

watsonrg said...

Why a special counsel? Why can't the DOJ investigate these matters?

Eskyman said...

Dunno what Gowdy has to do with this letter, it's from Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning. Just as well, as I no longer expect anything from Gowdy but more worthless blather.

FWIW, I agree; another special prosecutor should be appointed. I'm waiting to be amazed and thrilled when that happens, but so far it's just the usual hot air; Skoonj has already pointed to the definitive source there.

We have far too many idiots telling tales, and far too few indictments.

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