Friday, October 27, 2017

I'm glad you axed


Anonymous said...

ASS + K = "ASK"

Eskyman said...

I admire that woman, but she's standing on the shore of a sea of black savages. The tide of Ebonics keeps coming in, and she won't be able to hold it back.

It is sad, and regrettable, but far too many black Americans would rather have their own "identity," customs and language than speak American English. This is also the reason that so many black people invent strange, weird names; Shoniqua, LeJuvia, Bufanaquishria. Le-a is a favorite (pronounced LeDASHa: yo, you says thuh dash part too, motha...ka.)

We've come full circle. The outcry was that black people are being segregated; heaven and earth were moved, a great war was fought, hundreds of thousands died and many many natural rights were given up- so that this terrible injustice could be remedied, and blacks made equal to whites.

Now the outcry is from blacks; they want to be segregated, and have their very own drinking fountains, "no whites allowed." Get to the back of the bus, honky.

This time, I'll let them be segregated; I want them to have a country of their own, far from this one, where they can enjoy their "freedom" from us nasty white people- and we can have our own freedom from their incessant demands.

Unknown said...

Back in early June of 1994, Hertz Rent-a-Car presented OJ Simpson the opportunity to star in a new round of commercials. OJ responded, "I dunno. Lemme go home and ax my wife."

Anonymous said...

Yes! Next do Lay vs Lie!!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! She actually (axtually?) believes that people say "ax" because "nobody's ever taught them the difference"? As she says, "WRONG!" They say it out of laziness, and also because it confounds white people, just like wearing their hats in as weird a manner as possible or wearing their pants so they can't even walk right. Furthermore, this woman is "offended" by the joke about "AXE body wash"? And she's concerned because "people are making fun of us"? Git real, Sistah, folks be laughin at you fo a lot mo den dat! Jus cuz you can walk upright, speak properly and function in a civilized society don't mean everybody who shares your ethnicity can or will do the same, or even wants to. Just live your life and let the ghetto be the ghetto. This is why not all black folks are n****rs: n****rs LIKE living that way!

drew458 said...

She spelled axe wrong.

Stu, that was awesome!! Cutting edge humor!

Unknown said...

Thanks, drew458! That was an "oldie but goodie".

Anyway, just free-associating: d'ya remember the headline in the NY Post the day (in 2007) that Ike Turner died?
"Ike Beats Tina to Death"

Anonymous said...

Stu wins.


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