Friday, October 27, 2017

That oughta shut them up

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So, I'm sitting here watching (OAN) as AG Jeff Sessions announces that the IRS, having been duly found guilty of using unlimited police powers against state enemies—in this instance Tea Party groups, will fork over (what, in news dispatches, is called a generous monetary settlement) $2.5 million in restitution.  While Lois Lerner's face was prominently displayed, Sessions made no mention of her criminal indictment ... because the Trump administration said it would not prosecute her over her role in the Tea Party targeting scandal (including, I guess, her perjured congressional testimony on the matter).  A further heavy blow was delivered to IRS Chief John Koskinen.  He will be replaced next year.  Wow.  Major Slap-down.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, perjurer Lois is enjoying her $110K or more annual pension.
Where are the grand juries Trumpsters?
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Skoonj said...

John Koskinen's term is up anyway. And $2.5 million is peanuts. You have to wonder what Sessions has been doing all this time.

Eskyman said...

Extremely disappointing. Those belligerent asswipes don't even get a hand-spank.

My opinion of AG Sessions keeps dropping. Is there nothing that President Trump can do, that will force Sessions to get off his duff and take action against the oh-so-many scumbags that are everywhere?


Anonymous said...

Here's a couple of thoughts:

First, who's paying that $2.5 million? That's right, you, Joe Schmuck, the taxpayer [assuming you're one of the ~47% that actually pays some income taxes.]

Second, why was Lois allowed to retire at all? As a major part of her job with the IRS, she was responsible to account for the actions of her department when asked by the oversight committees. Sure, she has a Constitutional right not to incriminate herself, and she exercised that option. Fine, won't be criminally prosecuted based on her incriminating statements. That, however, does not absolve her of her job responsibilities and, unless and until those are met, she should be fired AND certainly not allowed to retire. An example ... an Air Force jet jockey, about to retire, decides to land that beautiful F-22 somewhere other than where it was supposed to be because he wanted to play with it later in life. When asked by the authorities to account for the jet they placed in his custody, he pleads the 5th. Do you think they would simply say "Oh well," and allow him to retire? Yeah, me neither.

Murphy(AZ) said...

This whole thing makes me sick beyond angry. Why is this chicken-feed payment coming out of taxpayer's pockets? Sessions needs to be booted out and then investigated as to what he's been doing. All this talk, all the promises, everything these politicians did to get us to get them elected and nothing!

They talked their way into our political panties, and now we're finding ourselves on the side of the road, walking home.

And I gave up drinking because all this crap was just making me an angry wreck.

toadold said...

Trump has been sneaking stuff in under the radar, for example judicial appointments. Next he'll probably go for a big kill, most likely a US Senator. He is already reported to be doing a "stroke of the pen" to reduce Federal regulations, The quite weeping of tort lawyers has been heard.

Anonymous said...

Another example of why the swamp so desperately needs to be drained. And paved over afterward.

Sessions is a Swamp Creature, in the A.G.'s chair only because he jumped on board the Trump Express early; he has allegiance to too many in D.C. to do the necessary pilaging at the IRS or anywhere else in D.C.

The head of the DOJ doesn't need to be an attorney, but probably should be to have sufficient cred to the lower echelons who will actually do the heavy lifting.

But....the A.G. going after the IRS (or any other agency) is treating symptoms rather than the disease: Government in the U.S. - local, state and federal but especially federal, is too big, too expensive and too intrusive. Until it's herded back into its Constitutional corral we'll be fighting these same battles repeatedly.

Jess said...

I can't decide if Lerner is one of those "oh well", or "I hope it hurt" people, which is what would be my response, if a news report stated she was dragged away by a pack of wild dogs.

Steve said...

So damn disappointed in how Trump is managing his appointments. Sessions in a joke. It is only a matter of time until they rest of the cabinet leaves. They are all complicent. And while I'm at it, Gowdy is a dog with a big bark and no bite.

Tom Smith said...

If Congress could manage a testicle or two, they could prosecute her. I would trade for a Clinton frog march but I ain't holding my breath.

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