Saturday, October 21, 2017

No doubt; they are real (Rated "Boobs")

Stu Tarlowe

12:10 PM (19 hours ago)
to me
Raja, I really don’t know if this is for real or not:


P.S.  It seems a shame that, with a body like that, she still somehow felt compelled to pierce her face. Did she one morning look at herself in the mirror and think, “Hmmm…something’s missing. Aha, let me put some metal through my face; THAT’LL certainly ENHANCE my attractiveness!"


Skoonj said...

Whatever happened to the Swedish Bikini Team?

Billll said...

A life sized cardboard cutout with the correct speed limit might work just about as well, perhaps with a discreetly located cop to pinch anyone looking to pinch the cutout.

Hell, the cops could sell the cutouts as a fund raiser.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Chicago could try that with Oprah.....

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