Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Nuke Norks K'now

 The Humanity              

Norks mapping specific plan for 'devastating' EMP

Further, repairing or replacing those systems easily could take months, or even longer.

The result would be a run on food currently in stores, and starvation when those supplies failed, as replacements would be impossible without those delivery systems.

... an EMP attack would be more devastating than an asteroid hitting

Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner wrote in his “Washington Secrets” column that the White House “is being warned that North Korea is mapping plans for a ‘devastating’ attack on the United States with an atmospheric nuclear explosion that would disable the nation’s electric grid, potentially leading to the deaths of virtually all impacted.”

Cut to "How does this effect moi?"

An EMP comes from a nuclear explosion at altitude over the United States. The blast would disrupt electronics in line of sight, including those computer and other systems that deliver food, fuel, energy and communications to Americans.
Further, repairing or replacing those systems easily could take months, or even longer.
The result would be a run on food currently in stores, and starvation when those supplies failed, as replacements would be impossible without those delivery systems.
Pry detailed how an EMP attack would be more devastating than an asteroid hitting.
Nuke Norks Know
“We have a population of 320 million Americans today – we are only able to sustain that population because of our technology. Our modern technological economy and all of our critical infrastructure that support that economy is keeping 320 million Americans alive,” he explained. “Communication, transportation, business and finance, our industrial capability, even food and water depend on electricity. When you subtract electricity, when you cause a nationwide blackout, blackout the electric grid and all the life-sustaining critical infrastructures, how can you now support 320 million people? How many people can you support?”
Pry said many downplay the threat of an EMP attack by claiming the conditions resulting from the attack would be similar to “time traveling” to a time when people were less dependent on electricity. But in reality, he warned, the “aftermath of an EMP would be an unprecedented environmental catastrophe.”
There would be a ripple effect to the problem, too.
“Gasline pipes are going to blow up – you’ll have firestorms in cities from exploding gas pipelines. Chemical spills, toxic clouds industrial accidents, where fires break out because of the failure of safety … systems,” he said. “This huge chemistry set that is our society isn’t just going to sit there and black out; in many cases, it’s going to detonate and basically turn into bombs. In seven days, the nuclear reactors will go Fukushima and spread radioactivity everywhere.”
Jeffrey Yago, a licensed engineer and certified energy professional, says the danger of an EMP attack is very real.
“I think in the future of this country, we’re going to certainly see not only more power outages in more areas, but they’re going to last a lot longer,” Yago said during an interview on The Hagmann Report. “I’m not talking about a two-day outage [caused] by a storm or a weeklong outage by something like Hurricane Sandy or Katrina, but we’re talking potentially, these problems could impact major parts of the United States for months, not days.”
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On the one hand I tend to agree with the notion that world changing decisions ought be made by them what will have to live a long life facing the consequences.  On the other hand, Polls show that 52% of Millennials admire communism, and will side with Kim Jong Il's right to self determination, blast the consequences.  So, do I honor that stupidity?
China is the real key here.  Without the threat of them responding harshly if we destroy-utterly-destroy the Norks, Trump, along with Japan and South Korea, would
have already turned that upper peninsula into one giant development property. 

So, let me think on this. tap tap tap

Okay. After careful consideration I say Nuke the MoFos into oblivion.  Or maybe just dust them with bubonic plague dust. What's next?


Skoonj said...

I first heard about EMP from a nuclear weapon about 1973 or 4. It was in a casual conversation with a naval officer friend who had a nuclear engineering position aboard ship. He mentioned EMP, but in case anything he said was classified (I had a position in the AF involving nuclear weaponry), I'll stick to something very basic. The means of delivery and place of delivery, as well as the effects, were somewhat different than those shown in this article. I won't try to correct the author on any point, but I think articles like these are helpful. They are helpful in that someone like the North Koreans and Iranians may try to emulate that attack, which would have far less effect that they expected.

toadold said...

My memory fades but a couple of Senators have tried to get preparations made for a EMP attack and/or a Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun like the Covington event. Put some power lines under ground, store essential transformers for the power grid in Faraday cages, etc. If I recall correctly it was the Grinch a couple of years ago.
I'm not to worried about the Russians, they are making too much money off the US with World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz, they want to keep the internet up. Excuse me I have to log into my Blitz account and let the Brazilian Kids shoot me up the ass some more. I was told playing video games is supposed to help my failing brain. I'm building up Free XP and saving to purchase a Super Pershing so I can shoot some people up the ass. Some days I really hate the Russians.

Chris in NC said...

If the NorKs did that, China would blast them into the sea. We owe China too much money and if the above happened as detailed, China wouldn't get the money. When the bitch don't have the money, bad things happen. In this case, I think China would melt North Korea.

toadold said...

I wonder if China has neutron bombs? There are some mines in N. Korea that the Chinese would like control of. North Korea used to be the industrialized part of Korea. They had coal and rare element mines.

Anonymous said...

If we're gonna nuke somebody, screw the Norks, let's nuke the GOATFUCKERS!

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