Tuesday, May 08, 2018

What in Hell? I'm no Democrat!

Real King of France Accused
of Drive-in Sexual Assault

A retired seventy-five year old Baltimore manicurist Bunny Winslow (right) filed a $25 million sexual assault suit against obscure blogger Real King of France.  The attempted rape supposedly occurred in 1959.

"On our first (and only) blind date he took me to the Timonium Drive-in.  We weren't there more than five minutes when he put his arm around me.  When I turned, his hand touched my breast.  He made no attempt to remove it for several seconds and then he gave it a pinch.   I could smell his lust. To this day, every time the movie The Brain Eaters is shown on television I'm thrown into a  deep depression that will last upwards of a year. He was wearing Old Spice, and he had a black car, a Ford I think.  The next day at school I saw him with a bunch of boys and they were all laughing;  I know he was bragging about feeling me up.  He never asked me out again.

She never married.

Mr RKOF commented, after being served, "I've never seen 'The Brain Eaters.' I

t's rumored that super blogger Doug Ross will ask him to return all of his Fabulous 50 Blog awards.

I STG, I never touched her.


Jim ONeill said...

Absolutely friggin' hilarious. You have a gift.

Vladtheimp said...

WTFO - you running for office as a Republican? I hadn't heard

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Good show.
If that happened to me I would be sued for 'Disappointment'.


Anonymous said...

That's what all you pervys say: 'I didn't touch her!' Yeah, I bet you undressed her with your brain when your eyes accidentally saw the flash of her cats-eye glasses.

Ralph Gizzip said...

The way she looks? I believe you!

Doug M said...

What's a measly $25million to a real king?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

"What's a measly $25million ..."

But what of my reputation as a gentleman?

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