Monday, July 16, 2018

Starting today ...

DEEP STATE                


Starting on Monday -- Facebook is Doing it Too

Facebook's giving 90 million dollars to mainstream media networks in order to create original content that is streamed exclusively on Facebook and it's all kicking off this coming Monday July 16th.

If you saw yesterday's video you'll know that YouTube is paying 25 million dollars to mainstream media networks and pretend news channels in order to produce content for YouTube to flood the platform with liberal propaganda, and Facebook is doing the same thing ... but upping the ante and spending almost a hundred million dollars! 

Facebook's first wave of funded news shows will debut July 16th with more on the way.   Facebook's multi-million dollar investment in news programming from brand name TV networks and digital media companies will go live next week and the social giant has announced another half dozen news shows that its funding starting Monday July 16th.  Programming from CNN Fox News Univision ABC and others will be featured in a dedicated news section in Facebook.  

The first lineup of shows from news publishers include those from ABC News Advance,  CNN,  Fox New, and Univision.  Facebook will bring out additional news shows from ABC own stations Bloomberg, BuzzFeed news McClatchy group 9 media.

Guess which is the only Fox News show that's gonna be streaming on Facebook's new feature ....  its Fox News Update with host Shepard Smith. If you're not familiar with Shepard Smith, he's on during the daytime and belongs on CNN. (I think Fox News is afraid to fire him;  maybe out of concern that he'll sue them for discrimination because, well, let's just say that he and Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon have a lot in common .  (Copied from video transcript)

Of course all this happens because the left (Deep State) are losing the debate, so are stacking the deck.  You Tube is Google, and Google have been shilling for the left since almost day one (by allowing leftist groups manipulate the content of search responses (Is Obama's birth certificate legitimate?) .


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