Saturday, October 06, 2018

game changers


Anonymous said...

so I enjoy the heck out of this website and today is my moment to give back some of the joy you have given me.
A penguin is driving down the road when a huge "bang" erupt from under the hood just before the engine dies and he frantically pulls over to the side of the road Just in front of a small old style gas station. The mechanic on duty tells him busy but will look at it in about a half hour. So th penguin notices an ice cream shop across the road and it being a very hot day decides to stroll over for a treat. He walks in and. Orders a chocolate ice cream cone. The per son behind the counter tells him they are out of chocolate what else could he get him? The penguin hesitates a minute and says he will have a bowl of chocolate ice cream. The guy at the counter says can you spell the van in vanilla? Penguin says sure "VAN". The man says can you spell the straw in strawberry? Penguin says" STRAW". The the man asks "Can you spell the f#<k inchocolate"? The penguin replies" "There's no f#<k in chocolate!" To which the man says" "That is what I'm trying to tell you". The penguin who has had a crazy day says he will just have a vanilla cone. It's so hot out the half the ice cream melts on his beak and flippers before he finishes it and notices the half hour is up. He goes back across the street and the mechanic says" Looks like you blew a seal!" The penguin quickly wiping his face off says, "It's just ice cream!" And that's the rest of the story.

Anonymous said...

The Duce

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