Saturday, October 06, 2018

Righteous Guest Rant

On the topic of impropriety — didja hear what Kagan said yesterday?

In essence, she declares . . . compLETEly inappropriately . . . that the court’s “legitimacy” will be at the very least questioned, if not impugned, any time there’s a 5/4 vote after Kavanaugh is seated.

Her logic is that Kennedy’s retirement eliminated the “unpredictable” or “middle” voice, leaving 4 lefties and 4 conservatives on the court, giving Kavanaugh the deciding vote on anything close.

In other words, she declared herself to be a raging liberal who fears that the precious leftiste agenda so treasured by Obamanites will be jeopardized unless something can be done TODAY to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation . . . OR . . . some bombshell evidence appears which will support a DJT impeachment whether the blue wave materializes or not.

Aren’t SCotUS justices s’posed to be impartial, apolitical, rational mature adults removed from the pressures of recurring elections so that they can ride herd on lopsided Congresses?

And in that regard, how appropriate was it for Darth Vader Ginsberg to say that the country would find itself in deep doo-doo if Trump were elected?

Seems to me that Miz ‘Lena has done fo’got Mistah Middle, John Roberts, who’s closer to center even than Kennedy. And Gorsuch is not exactly a dyed-in-the-wool right-wing hardliner.

How is she gonna attack Amy Barrett when Trump nominates HER after Ginsberg takes that final nod-off.

Does anybody anywhere understand that the whole idea of central gummint was that it would provide for the common defense of the several states, conduct international affairs with other sovereign governments, and play referee amongst the individual states when they got into pissing contests over reciprocity or transportation or tariffs?

NOWHERE in the Constitution is health care, much LESS abortion, mentioned, and the 10th Amendment provides very nicely for issues it doesn’t address specifically; it relegates them back to the states, or to “the people,” where they logically and legally belong. So even if Roe V Wade is scrapped, the abortion issue simply becomes one for the states to work out for themselves. 

IOW, you live in a state where the majority of people are against abortion, you outlaw it; if they’re in favor of it, you authorize it.  But in ANY case the government doesn’t pay for it.  If someone lives in a state where abortion is illegal and wants to visit friends or family in one where it’s O.K., that’s called “freedom.”  Just don’t make a big friggin deal out of it when you get it done.  

My opinion is that big pharm would be in favor of legalizing it, so most states would either legalize it or refuse to penalize it.  The issue would become moot.  I mean, you KNOW that Noo Yawk and Mexifornia would allow it, and even those who DIDN’T would provide special exceptions in case of rape, incest, and health danger to mother.  My guess it would be about 50/50 when all the smoke cleared.

If I were a drinkin man, I’d say “I need a drink!” But I ain’t, so I’ll just sit here and rage against the dying of the light . . . of reason.

Ron metzger


JLW III said...

He's in so I'll go have a drink for you.

Anonymous said...

Obergefell v. Hodges tells you all you need to know about Kagan and the legitimacy of the SCOTUS. Judges are expected to not have pre-judged cases they hear and have the duty to recuse themselves if it looks as though they have. At the SCOTUS level a judge may not be forced to do so. Both Kagan and Ginsburg had performed gay marriages prior to sitting on the Obergefell (gay marriage legalization) case. I understand both were asked to recuse themselves but neither would. Their failure to provide a fair hearing in this case, in my opinion did more to de-legitimize the court than anything else in modern SCOTUS history. -Noah Little

Anonymous said...

Just a wise-ass Latina, IMHO.

Sir H the Comet

Jess said...

A good Supreme Court would throw Kagen from a second story window. She's not a judge, she's a liberal traitor.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, Republican darling of the moment Lindsey Graham happily voted to affirm Kagan and the wise Abuela, Sotomayor.

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