Sunday, October 07, 2018

Somali Pirate Surprise


toadold said...

Democrats attack USS Kavanaugh .

Drew458 said...

Are we having Somali pirates again? Damn.

The shipping companies ought to contract with the US or UK navy to have 40mm dual Bofors guns installed temporarily on the bridge wings and the fantail. Enter "the zone" and they put 4-6 of them on your ship. The shippers pay for ammo used and provide food and bunks.

Steer clear of our ships or get killed. It's that simple. There are thousands of those 40mm AA guns around. They have a much longer range than RPG-7s. Give the navy boys some trigger time.

Anonymous said...

Guy with the camera shot the bulkhead he was behind several times. Not a great shot.

ck said...

That was great, would have been better with a couple of surplus 50 cal BMG's.

toadold said...

I remember reading something about this in the past . The guards are "legally
limited " to what they can use. No full auto , restricted ammunition choices , no scopes (sniper rifles oh my ) and other restriction imposed by insurance companies and governments . I suspect they don't get a chance to drill at hitting targets on a rolling sea and from a moving deck. Imagine what they could do with a gyrostabilized .338 Lapua .

Cheezy said...

So which cruise line is that, and where do I sign up?

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