Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Maryland My Christmas Tree

In 1974, during halftime at a Maryland-Virginia  football game, in College Park, Virginia's pep band outraged us  homeboys. An announcer read from an oh-so-discourteous script, while the band - a Mack Sennet inspired ramshackle - played tunes like "Maryland, My Christmas Tree" (Maryland's anthem, "Maryland My Maryland," shares its melody with "O Christmas tree).  There were easy targets; like our about to be jailed Governor - Marvin Mandel (D), and erstwhile Gov. Spiro Agnew (R). I was in the crowd, and was way pissed .. then.  Now, it appears that the Cavalier pep band was onto something. 

Register and vote in 10 minutes

I watched the election news that night in 1994, and did a woop-d-woop when she was declared the winner over Democrat Parris Glendenning.  But wait.  Before I could chug m celebratory Manhattan ... in the last second sufficient votes were found in some Baltimore precinct to giveGlendenning the victory.  I know.  It was so slick that Dems in Seattle and Minnesota used it.

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