Friday, November 30, 2018



Eskyman said...

Sorry boss, but I see nuthin' here, & the "bouncy bouncy" link just leads me right back to this same place.

Or was that your devious intention? Hmmmm. That would be too subtle for me!

Anonymous said...

Same here, Esky. There's no off=site URL
showing on my Win10 machine.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Due to repeated malfunction of my desk top puter, I've had to use my iPad to post. That, for me, is like Russian Roulette with a 2 cylinder gun. But, let me take this opportunity to say that I hate Win 10's guts. I am busy constructing an algorithm that will convert Win 10 to Windows XP. Sigh. All I've done so far is clog my downstairs toilet.

Eskyman said...

I hear ya Boss. I'd loan you my .50 BMG to shoot that Win 10 thing, but sadly it was lost in that boating accident in which all my bang-bangs went bye-bye.

You can still get a legal copy of Win 7, just sayin', and that's the last MS operating system I'll ever have. After that, if I live long enough, I guess I'll have to learn Linux. I too liked XP; it did all I wanted it to, and I knew how to make it go!

(Good grief, I must've had 20 different capcha puzzles to solve. This is gettin' out of hand!)

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