Friday, November 30, 2018

This the Season...


Anonymous said...

The beauty of spontaneity and children.

Eskyman said...

Poor little girl!

She's acting like a little girl, being "Mum" to a doll, so the blue-haired land whales, those harpies covered in tattoos & piercings, will soon descend upon her shrieking with hatred.

Then that sweet kid will be put into gender reassignment therapy & dressed as anything but a girl, and if she ever acts like a little girl again the electrodes will give her a painful shock! She'll never have another doll to play with again, all her toys will be "gender-neutral," which means toys that boys might like but girls don't.

When they're finished with her she won't be a sweet little girl anymore, she'll be an angry, intolerant, tattooed blue-haired land whale of 57 genders herself!

I wish I was being sarcastic, but nothing is out of bounds anymore. I keep thinking about Cassandra's Curse: to see the truth but no one believes it.

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