Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Papal Observation

It is a mistake to downplay the seriousness of homosexuality, Pope Francis said in an upcoming book, insisting that homosexuals have no place in the priesthood.
In the book, the pope recounts an interview he had with missionary Fernando Prado, who asked him whether homosexuality was a problem, suggesting that it is not a big deal for priests to be homosexual since it is “just an expression of an affection.”

“That’s a mistake,” Francis replied. “It’s not just an expression of an affection. In consecrated and priestly life, there’s no room for that kind of affection.”

In the past I've shared my thoughts about Pope Francis.  In a nutshell, he's ...erm, at best worrisome. This latest pronouncement ('No Room' for Homosexuality in Priesthood," is stupefying.  Here's what Church doctrine says about the matter.

One can hardly be blamed for being wired with a homo erotic tendency, oui?  The sin is having sex for reasons other than procreation (spilling one's seed on rocks.)  Which is why using the pill is not condoned.  One of the biggest scandals in recent times was the  Father Joseph Maskell  rape of Catholic School girls.

So why, this.  Now?  Seems like he's running with the bulls on this one. 


rickn8or said...

But a wink-and-a-nod to pedophilia is okey-padokey fine...

Rodger the Real King of France said...

??? Did you gleen from this that I was condoning pedos? My intent was that sexual perversion is not limited to homos. Ergo, I object to Francis going a bridge too far with his dictate, unless its aimed at those unmasked after indulging in the act .. at which point you have just cause, but not before.

rickn8or said...

It just seems that when the Philadelphia(?) Pennsylvania(?) story broke recently, suddenly the most critical issue facing the church was Climate Change.

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