Monday, December 10, 2007

Welcome to Balamur


A subsidiary of the Democratic Party



Anonymous said...


Last time I visited my little girl in Columbia, I had her take me to Baltimore. Finally a city that is uglier than Denver. The harbor was nice but downtown??, and I wasn't armed?!?!, oh my heavens. What a shithole. Camden Yards looked cool, but OTOH I owned a 1/2 block just a few blocks from Coors Field and was literally under siege. Surprising for an east coast city, usually there are lots of beautiful old buildings. Did Baltimore have a DURAlike government agency run though it?

Anonymous said...

But it has one of the best aquariums I've visited. [Try finding the NJ aquarium - in Camden!]


Anonymous said...

We went to Balitimore a couple of years ago The inner harbor is pretty nice but the trip was tainted by the actions of a fat obnoxious cop.

We got screwed up in the traffic and ended up in the wrong lane trying to turn into our hotel. I was trying to get someone to let me in and the cop came over and literally started screaming etc. We weren't interfering with traffic, just trying to change lanes. Lets put it this way, if a white cop treated a minority family the way he treated us, there would be hell to pay.

That event really clouded the visit.

I read about a year or so later that one of Baltimore's 'finest' arrested a couple of kids for asking a cop for directions. It seems that they were a bunch of decent, clean cut, newlyweds. I would ordinarlily wonder about a story like that but after our experience, I totally believe the kid's version.

All in all, I can thing of better cities where I can spend my tourist dollars.

Anonymous said...

"Baltimore is a beautiful town to live and visit" - the NIE Report

Anonymous said...

Anyone watch The Wire on HBO? It is so accurate ( and unflattering) that the city is really down on the show.


Anonymous said...

Baltimore has some amazing row homes that would be great to live in if they weren't in Baltimore. I remember a lot of them had really crappy front doors.


El Jefe said...

The East Coast version of Oakland.

Both cities have moonbats governing them (or at least had). O'Malley in Baltimore and Jerry Brown in Oakland.

My father used to come home EVERY FUCKING DAY hating his job when Brown was running (ruining?) California.

I'm starting to feel the same way here in Calvert County.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked that one, Mr. Schlong.

The only memory I have of Baltimore is visiting an uncle there in 1974 or so, when my little (6?) brother got dumb enough to copy us (dumb) bigger brothers throwing rocks onto a freeway ... but when a car was coming.

I always like to tell folks that my brother has a police record in Baltimore.

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