Saturday, July 12, 2008

American Spectator Attacks?

The Fairness Doctrine?
In a thread below people commented about not being allowed access to The American Spectator, and I said what's the problem?  I get right in with   That's been my TAS bookmark for ages, but now I notice that I'm landing on the Prowler's site.  If I click on AMSPECBLOG ( I get this Orwellian message.  What security preferences?  And who decided  it's an "attack site?  For that matter, what is an attack site?

I checked Google Shuts Down Anti-Obama Sites on its Blogger Platform. but found no mention of TAS among those listed.  Then I Googled The American Spectator

Click for full report

You can rollover and click for the "report," such as it is.  But Google's infernal politics aside, WhoTF made them the Internet's arbiter of anything?  The last time I looked I was using the Firefox browser, not Google's.  How dare they?  Not for the first time do I conclude that Google is every bit the Clear and Present danger to us as an Obama presidency. BTW, it doesn't matter what search engine you use, MSN search will do the same thing, but without Google's "papier du particulars." Yahoo too, seemingly following suit. I think TAS has a decent shot at winning a 100 Billion dollar lawsuit against Google for defamation.  Then, instead of "Googling,"  future webbers will "Spectate" for information.


AnnoyedOne said...

I believe FF 3.0 is trying to be "helpful". I don't think the warning is politically motivated (in this case). They seem to be saying that the site has been hacked in the past and it may (prob if you're an IE user) install malware.

There's a tickbox in Tools/Options/Security that enables/disables the warning.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I get the same result using IE. However, if I use MAMMA, I get through.

That points to Google.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I made that security change, but same deal AO.

Anonymous said...

After "unchecking" some options on the Security tab in Options in Firefix 3, the attack warning goes away.

Anonymous said...

I use IE and got that warning for the first time this morning. I was looking for the back ground on the bayou wedding photos going around the net and the first site came up with that. I moved on. I just checked again and google wont let me go there. The site they block is ''. I for one, welcome our new internet overlords.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rodge, I got the same message last night just trying to go to Instapundit. When I tried again a minute later I got through without a problem.

These must be the digital Brownshirts that Gore once spoke of.

Anonymous said...

I'm not getting any of these warnings in FF3. Then again I am using a Mac. What are you folks using? I am NOT trying to start a platform war here, it could just be a difference in the versions of FF3.

markshere2 said...

Looks to me like Google is just NOT providing a LINK to American spectator.

They spell out the URL in the warning page.

The prowler vs spectator thing - dunno.

I typed in and it looks like the prowler page.

$.02 from the weeds .....

LGD said...

Your fix worked for me, annoyedone. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Standard leftard crap. Something they learned from the cyber-jihaddis.

Hit the sites you dislike with spam/malware complaints. Use botnets to flood the complaint forms.

The leftards hammer rightwing sites, and the Petards hammer hunting sites.

They are basically making alert services useless.

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