Monday, December 08, 2008

Colt Christmas



rockville said...

It's a shame you can't get those anymore. Colt's management deserves an award for outstanding incompetence above and beyond the call of duty. They uses to make some of the finest handguns around.

Now, they make none. None. The last time they tried to make one, it blew up in their face, figuratively speaking. They completely missed out on the CCW market, despite having two of the best designs around (the Detective Special, a 6-shot snubby, and the Pocketlite, a locked-breech .380 Auto.)

Then there are the 1911, the Python and Anaconda revolvers, and the .22's shown above. Wanna buy one? Try gunbroker, because Colt doesn't make them any more. Go figure.

Conservative Scalawag said...

Yep,them were the days, sad how times have changed.

Molonlabe28 said...

These old ads are quite cool.

But, Obama has sold more guns in the last month than any gun ads have ever sold.

And, make no mistake, guns are all that Santa is bringing Molonlabe28 this year, which is pretty much the case every year (for Christmas, Valentine's day, birthday, anniversary, All Saints Day, etc.).

TomR said...

Maybe Colt should apply for Federal bailout money. Then they could start making handguns again.

RAK said...

Colt's management and a decade long union strike ruined Colt.
Very sad the best carry gun ever; the Magnum Carry, a 357 Detective Special is running 1,000-1,500. IF you can find one.
A revamped Colt is limping along turning out 1911, & SAAs.
Loosing the M-16 contract to FN just about killed them.
Great old picture Rodger, brings back fond memories.

Kim du Toit said...

Ah yes... the good old days, when Colt still catered to the civilian market.

A pox on them.

And I say this as a current owner of a 1911 (albeit a Springfield) and an Officers match revolver, and a one-time owner of a Python.


cmblake6 said...

"But, Obama has sold more guns in the last month than any gun ads have ever sold."
Let's hope they listen to that fact.

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