Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bobby Jindal - American Treasure

Gov. Bobby Jindal vetoes bill
to ban guns near parade routes
Proponents said bill would stop a recurrence  of this.

BATON ROUGE -- At the request of the National Rifle Association, Gov. Bobby Jindal has vetoed a bill that would have made it a crime to illegally carry firearms within 1,000 feet of a sanctioned parade or demonstration.

"The National Rifle Association and others have requested (a) veto of this bill in part because it does not exempt firearm carriers with a valid (state-issued) permit . . . or unintentional violators, " Jindal said in his veto message. He said he has already signed into law a bill making it a crime to recklessly discharge a firearm within 1,000 feet of a parade or other public gathering.
Of course we all know what politicians are afraid of.  But Jindal was absolutely right to slap down yet another attempt to strip people of  rights with ill considered notions of preventing the unpreventable.  One can imagine Lee Oswald calling Carlos Marcello and saying, "sorry boss, but they banned guns on the parade route."  Can't one?


Anonymous said...

Say, isn't it already a crime to murder people?

...and we can see how well making it a crime works.


JMcD said...

"...crime to murder people?"....... Only if it's a hate crime.(white on anybody else?)

Gerry said...

1000ft.???? Aren't a lot of the good snipers now hitting target out to 2000 YARDS???

Any kid with a few hours of training could do better than 1000ft.....

Anonymous said...

I think that it is already a crime to "illegally carry firearms" in all states
Gerry you beat me to it, 333 yds is not a real challenge but then again if you want to impress a young hollywood star you need to be point blank.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait it would only apply to "sanctioned" events so I could illegally carry within 1000' of a riot or any other unsanctioned say PETA protest and not commit a crime.

DoubleU said...

declare anywhere a parade route or a school zone and that would ban all guns, well except for the criminals.

Anonymous said...

they are missing the obvious alternative to this law:

De-criminalizing political violence.

If we are going toward mob rule, we might just as well go all the way.

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