Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Obama Venona Files?

This picture was passed off during the campaign as showing Professor Obama teaching his University of Chicago Law School.class    The corollary to calling him a law professor is calling all hospital employees doctor.  Nevertheless, if true, Obama was teaching them Alinsky organizing tactics.  Most likely the  picture was taken at one of his ACORN classes where he was actively involved in the teaching process. 

In an editorial calling for a thorough investigation of ACORN, Investors Business Daily makes these points - one of which I was unaware of.
Fox News' Glenn Beck revealed on his show that Acorn's main affiliate was operating out of a former New Orleans funeral home shared with two SEIU locals. Wade Rathke, a New Orleans resident, is founder of Acorn and also SEIU founder and chief organizer.

How'd I miss that? You can't take a second off in this business of watching Obama.  Not that I'm shocked.  The organizational structure and thug tactics of  the two, as used by Obama, are nearly identical.
The fact is that this "charitable organization" helped precipitate the mortgage meltdown that shattered the economy. It was Acorn, under the cover of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), that intimidated banks through mob action into making risky loans in the name of "fairness" to people who could not afford them.

The tactics, taken straight from the pages of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals," were used by Acorn as early as 1991, when it took over the House Banking Committee room for two days to protest efforts to scale back the CRA.
Which fact would explains this
After the voter-registration fraud stories of 2008, Michigan Democrat John Conyers temporarily bucked party leaders by calling for hearings on accusations that Acorn had committed crimes ranging from voter fraud to a mob-style "protection" racket. He soon changed his mind, saying only that the "powers that be" had demanded he drop the idea.
I'm convinced that a thorough congressional investigation of ACORN would yield a treasure trove of answers about Obama's past, similar to what the Venona files told us about communist spies in the United States. Which makes it an improbability as long as Democrats control congress..

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As if the Republicans in Congress have the stones to hold their feet to the fire if given the chance.


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