Saturday, December 26, 2009

Don't say Muslim

Guess The Missing Word In NY Times
Report On Attempted Plane Bombing


Barack Omuslim


Anonymous said...

You're right, no hint needed at all.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

mary - where have you been? really?

DougM said...

I wonder if he needed a birth certificate to get on the plane?

Anonymous said...

Been nowhere. Just usually too disheartened by the state of the states to even comment.

Anonymous said...

Muslin, he was wearing muslin.

Anonymous said...


That muslim dirtbag should have his eyeballs tied into a square knot and then be fried in pig fat.

Wonder if they are emboldened by president ball-less?



Anonymous said...

They said on the radio that he'd been "radicalized", but didn't mention his religion.

It must be radicalism.

hispaman said...

he is not a radical... its just he hasnt watched the news since Bush was reelected and the poor guy doesnt know the Messiah arrived. Thats all.

pdwalker said...

My first thought on reading the first line was "Democrat".

My second thought on reading the second line was "Muslim".

The MSM has got me well trained to fill in the blanks automatically.

Anonymous said...

He wears glasses! I KNEW it! Damned four-eyes...

The Friendly Grizzly

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