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Cass Sunstein & Obama. Egad.

Cass Sunstein

 Little black ants have driven us to distraction this summer.  So small that the tiniest crack is a Lincoln Tunnel into our home.  They're just everywhere.  Kill them off in one space and they pop up in another.  More than once the idea of burning the house down just to kill the bastids has crossed my mind.  They're just like Obama and the Obamunists.  Adam Bitely from NetRightNation sent this alert and link to capwiz  The video about Cass Sunstein is a two-fer. In case you don't know who Peter Singer is, you will now, along with Sunstein.  It's hard to believe people like them have vaulted into positions of influence, but with any mangy dog you get fleas. Could be we'll have to burn the house down, but it's easier if the Senate does the right thing.
As you know, when the Senate returns to business next month, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has already announced that one of the first orders of business will be to try to ram through the nomination of Cass Sunstein for the nation’s “Regulatory Czar.” Earlier this month, Senate Republicans had blocked a unanimous consent resolution to approve Sunstein. And with good reason.

But for their efforts, Sunstein would have been confirmed without any roll call. Now, it will require 60 votes to invoke cloture on the nominee [More capwiz]

Eat me bama

Obama Care v. Awesome food

Restlee Natives

The thought of Americans engaging in armed revolt was unthinkable 12 months ago. After SEIU thugs beat-up a man attending a Town Hall meeting, other Americans showed-up at Town Hall meetings armed with semi-automatic weapons — including a meeting the president attended. There hasn’t been a union “beat down” of a Town Hall attendee since. The message is clear: Tyrants and bullies can be dealt with, even if it’s at the “business end” of a firearm.

Ant war

 A chap named Mark Epstein goes where angels fear to tread, except in their thoughts. 

    The Coming Armed Revolution: Can it be avoided? If not, are you in or out?

Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Reid, Pelosi, Van Jones, and a host of others are making a mockery of our Constitution — and the American people know it.

    People are not buying these concepts that are completely foreign to America. We’re almost reaching a revolution in this country. Senator Jim Inhofe

Currently, there are admitted radical Communists serving as Obama’s “czars,” a congressional bill to allow Obama seizure of the internet, and the administration is responsible for nationalization of industry and a blatant attempt to nationalize health care. The Obama administration is engaging in generational  .... (fasten seat belts and go here)
You know all the predicates from here, and on other blogs and opinion shows.  Mark takes these facts and offers an analysis of  the potential reality and a possible, very plausible scenario.
  1. The Trigger
  2. The First Days
  3. The First Week
  4. The Second Week
  5. The First Month
  6. The First Six Months
  7. The Next Five Years
  8. Six Years and Beyond
  9. Conclusion
Whose move?
Linda SoG

Palin, stupid donks, guns and size matters

In passing
Stuff I stumbled over

Why Is Cheney So Offended? He Won on Terror - a leftist's  lament
Trumpeting his own fanfare on Fox News Sunday, Dick Cheney is back. But it was the Obama administration itself that opened wide the gates for this self-vindicating return.

Sarah Palin Is Proving Relevant Yet Again
The former Alaska governor will visit Hong Kong to address the CLSA Investors Forum, a well-known annual conference of global investment managers, the host announced Monday.  Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Alan Greenspan have spoken at the event, hosted by brokerage and investment group CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets.

Video: Shea-Porter has constituent arrested at town-hall forum
This is a curious re-election strategy, especially for a Representative who made her name by bird-dogging her former Congressman at his town-hall forums…City's plan to ban guns has NRA up in arms

City's plan to ban guns has NRA (aka Amercan cicizens) up in arms
A weapons plank in a raft of G-20 Summit legislation moving through Pittsburgh City Council drew fire from gun rights advocates yesterday, prompting the National Rifle Association to consider yanking its 2011 annual meeting from the city.

FOXSexpert: Guess What? Her Size Matters Too
Say it taint so! Modern and early 20th Century research indicates that women with a distance of 2.5 centimeters between clitoris and vagina have the best chances of achieving orgasm from sex alone.

Cardinal O'Malley's bad choice

A Quibble, Cardinal

 In April 2004, during an interview of  John Kerry by NBC's Carl Quintanilla,  this exchange.
Off-screen Voice : Will you be taking communion, Senator?

Senator JOHN KERRY (Democrat, Presidential Candidate): Yes.

QUINTANILLA: Dismissing some conservative Catholic bishops, like this one in St. Louis, who say
Kerry's pro-choice voting record in the Senate makes him ineligible for communion.
In Boston, Archbishop Sean O'Malley recently said of all politicians, quote, "If they're not voting
correctly on these life issues, they shouldn't dare come to communion."

Sen. KERRY: I fully intend to continue to practice my religion separately from what I do with respect to
my public life. And that's the way it ought to be in America
By his reply Kerry arrogantly assumes the power of the Pope, who alone speaks on matters of Catholic Doctrine - but that's what liberals do with everything, including the U.S. Constitution when it gets in their way.  But that's not what I wanted to talk about.  I want to know how the hell Cardinal Sean O'Malley squares that statement with his officiating over the funeral mass for Edward Kennedy?   My reasons have nothing to do with Ted's life of debauchery, a matter now between Ted and his maker, but - here, I'll defer to  this from -

Pro-life Catholic leaders say that, since Kennedy may have disavowed his abortion advocacy before his death, a private Catholic funeral would be appropriate.  However, they argue, in the absence of Kennedy's public repentance, a public Catholic funeral would heap scandal upon the Catholic Church and its pro-life teachings.

Since O'Malley went ahead and let Kerry receive the sacrament anyway, I must assume he's something of a weak sister.  Okay.  Let Kennedy be buried by the church, but let Placido Domingo sing while a single parish priest and two altar boys preside.  And end the service with, "May God have mercy of his soul." 

Poodle owners are nuts

dog quote - Rita Rudner

"I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult."

Reid's death knell?

Buh-Bye Hawwy
Reid trails Danny Tarkanian, a real estate professional and former University of Nevada-Las Vegas basketball star, 38 percent to 49 percent.

But to fully capture the magnitude of Reid's remark (and to stop him from doing the same thing to others) it must be called what it was -- a full-on threat perpetrated by a bully who has forgotten that he was elected to office to protect Nevadans, not sound like he's shaking them down. - Enough is enough, Harry  Stop the childish bullying
 After the tongue-lashing Harry Reid received from the publisher of Nevada's largest newspaper, I ran over to intrade to see what the line on his reelection to the Senate is.  Nothing established yet, but when it does get listed my guess for "Harry Reid Reelected" is Bid 25¢  - Ask.50¢  His only hope, as I see it,  are SEIU shock troops who stole the Nevada Primary from Hillary for Obama.  The SEIU has become sort of the  Administration's  Taliban, and will have honed their methodology after watching the recent Afghanistan elections. Still, since the Dems will likely still control the Senate, albeit without the 60 seat majority, so losing the inept Reid might be a negative for America.  Dems might elect a Leader who gets things done *shudder*.

Debt repudiation?

 In-Cog-Nito sent me a pair of links [see Chicago Boyz] , to an article entitled Why Default on U.S. Treasuries is Likely, and a shorter summary of the article. Troubling reading indeed, but still, RTWT
  It is not literally impossible that the Federal Reserve could unleash the Zimbabwe option and repudiate the national debt indirectly through hyperinflation, rather than have the Treasury repudiate it directly. But my guess is that, faced with the alternatives of seeing both the dollar and the debt become worthless or defaulting on the debt while saving the dollar, the U.S. government will choose the latter. Treasury securities are second-order claims to central-bank-issued dollars. Although both may be ultimately backed by the power of taxation, that in no way prevents government from discriminating between the priority of the claims. After the American Revolution, the United States repudiated its paper money and yet successfully honored its debt (in gold). It is true that fiat money, as opposed to a gold standard, makes it harder to separate the fate of a government’s money from that of its debt. But Russia in 1998 is just one recent example of a government choosing partial debt repudiation over a complete collapse of its fiat currency.

Zimbabwe option, anyone? Or the alternative of tax rates exceeding the peak from World War II — forever.

Have a nice day.
A good investment?  Crossbows, Long Bows, Blowguns, Slingshots, 12 gu. shotguns, reloading machines, gunpowder up the ass,10,000 AA batteries, 500 cans of Spam and another water heater filled with Manhattans.  

A fitting pig roast

Dems to honor Kennedy with reform bill
No more Kennedys in Congress after him?
Congressional staff to lose sexuall harrassment protection?
Make disrespecting the Swimmer a hate crime?
Nope.  It's ChappaQare