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You Get It All!
Leading New Jersey to Water


Le May and stuff

LeMay, Curtis E
Present and accounted for

 Mark Miller found this review of  Le May: The Life and Wars of General Curtis Le May - by his daughter.  A nice adjunct to Linda's Sue's B-17 Flight Log post.
By J. L. Lodge "Jane Le May Lodge"
As the daughter of Curtis Le May I found this book the most cogent and descriptive of my father the man. Many of the myths that frequently clouded the facts and lead to a misunderstanding are dispelled. Kozak has done extensive research and presented a candid and unbiased account of his colorful career.

I never saw my father as anything less than honest, fair and a willing leader beloved and respected by those he commanded. Frequently he has been quoted as having said of the Vietnam War "bomb them back to the stone age". Personally I can set the record straight. This was not his quote but MacKinlay Kantor's statement missed in my father's early editing of the manuscript for "Mission with Le May". My family is heartened to know that his sacrifices, contributions and patriotism are being recognized.

As my kids know, everything now reminds me of something else.  They don't think I'm aware that they're aware, but I am, but don't care - I have stories to tell and  by god they'll be told - 100 times if necessary - or as opportunity arises. Here's what Le May does for me, and I think I mentioned this before, but don't care.  I'm on a roll.

I happen to be assembling pictures from the University of Maryland, c. 1960s, and one is this ROTC pic.  No, that's not me, but it's illustrative.  Back then every male freshman and sophomore had to participate in Air Force ROTC drills.  That meant wearing a ROTC uniform two days a week, something that was exciting the first time only. It was a pain in the ass (see Animal House).  We were given name badge holders into which we were to type, or print neatly Last Name, First Name.  After about a month my tag read, "Le May, Curtis E."  Since attendance was recorded by yelling "Here, Sir,"  as roll was called I got away with it.  For a year I went through twice weekly inspections, and twice weekly heard a student ROTC officer's reprimand, "Le May, those shoes are a disgrace;" Le May, drop and give me 10."  What fun.  I even went to ROTC detention in the armory where actual Air Force officers showed us movies (I actually liked them), and just once did one notice my tag.  He shook his head and let me be.

I'm looking for any pictures of  College Park, MD c. 1950-1960-1970  - especially the Town Hall, Rendezvous, Varsity Grill,  and a picture of the window in Cole Field house that looked into the pool.  Anyone?

Today's Lesson about winning

Executive Outcome v. Planned Failure
A true story

Message from the Lord High Commandant
I watched last night on one of the Hitler Channels (History International) a documentary, "Soldiers for Hire."  While I was tangentially  aware of the Sierra Leone and Angola guerrilla wars in the 90's, I knew nothing about the role Executive Outcome played.  E.O. was a private paramilitary force that contracted their services to recognized gummints.  I was obviously struck by what I saw, and you may be too.

 There are lessons to be learned, and beliefs to be validated in this episode. Namely, that a very small force of trained and dedicated men can triumph over an opponent hundreds of times bigger. And there's another example, as if we need it, of the United Nation's worthlessness. Yet, these same people who snatched defeat from victory in Sierra Leone, now control our policy, and with it strategy and tactics, in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The outcome is predictable unless things are changed PDQ.
The Barn Army is available for $20,000,000 a year (Special 1995 intro price).

12 Star General, Barn Army, and Real King of France
Rodger "Obama is a commie" Schlong

Barack Ohoffa

Hoffobama Thugs Explained
 Now we know where Jimmy Hoffa disappeared to.  Somewhere deep in Obama's small colon.
The union movement will gain billions of dollars if Obamacare passes.

The most obvious payout is the taxpayer bailout for union health plans. Many union-negotiated retiree health plans cannot pay their scheduled benefits. Rather than reducing benefits, the bill passes those costs onto taxpayers to the tune of $10 billion. But that is small potatoes compared to what the bill will do for union membership.

If Congress passes a “public plan,” most employers will drop their health benefits and force their workers onto the government plan. A public plan means government-run health care for almost all Americans. That would make the health care system a prime target for union organizers. Unions would quickly bring in millions of new dues-paying members.

It’s no accident that the strongest supporter of the public plan is the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Purple-shirted SEIU activists have filled Town Hall meetings across the country to counter the angry opposition of ordinary citizens. Why? The SEIU represents nurses and other health care workers.

If the government runs health care, then the SEIU’s membership rolls will swell. If union rates among nurses in America rose to Canadian levels, then the SEIU would bring in over a billion dollars a year in new mandatory dues. Newly organized technicians and other medical support staff would add even more to that total. The Labor movement has a huge financial stake in the government dominating health care.  [Excerpted from Labor Unions on Health Care: Their True Motives ]

Lunch at the Red Fox anyone?