Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NEA Scandal

All Your Art Are Belong To Us
What's worse: a White House telling artists to push a political agenda or the artists being so eager to take Big Brother’s call?


Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio


I really miss Texas Darlin who up and disappeared, taking all her posts with her ("What you're looking for isn't here") TD was one of the Hillary supporters who went nuclear over the media ganging up on Hilly, and Obama's reckless with the truth, some would say Clintonesque, campaign.  I linked to her several times, and grew to admire her skills and dedication.  

After the election she continued to expose Obama, using insight that perhaps only a Lib-operative of long standing will have  I sort of  made a laboratory experiment out of following her.  My hypothesis was this.  In the course of exposing the perfidy of Obama, the DNC, and congressional handmaidens, TD must at some point realize that  HRC too is what she has grown to despise.

I have to wonder if  this caused her disappearance?  If so, she'll be back.  I hope it's not an illness, and wish her well.  Blah-blah-blah - don't read any of the above.  This is what I'm talking about. 

In case you find yourself wishing Hillary had won the presidency, don't.  She is not only a crook, she is a crook of a magnitude that  makes  LBJ look like an ascetic.  Take this recent Drudge headline:
Feds charge Obama/Clinton fund-raiser in $290 million fraud...
Oh, what a surprise.  Google "Clinton campaign funds, " and choose from more than about 711,000 entries.  I like these two.

Stupid stuff mostly

In passing
Stuff that made me look twice during my morning workout

Surprise Link

Hood-Wearing 'Jedi' Thrown Out of Supermarket
British corporate spokespeople are way funnier than their American counterparts.  (via Rahouey)

Media Matters Launches Fight FOX Campaign
"Dear Friend," Eric's letter begins, "Since President Obama's inauguration, Fox News has officially abandoned its already dubious standing as a news organization and is now engaging in outright political activism, completing its transition into the 24/7 media wing of the far-right conservative movement." (via Francois und Ebby)

Steels garnd notion
Steele: GOP must court blacks
Steele offered few proposals on how Republicans or Democrats could help address poverty, instead blaming both parties for not talking about the issue enough. 

How about "A rising tide raises all the boats (attrib. JFK) " Mr.Steel?

If I could amend the Constitution
For one thing, Den Beste's plan would mean we don't have to kill congress, unless maybe for the pure pleasure of it (Via Doug Ross).

Why Hollywood Won't Make 'ACORN: The Movie'
And if you disagree with me, then you're probably racist!

Not all of the Bush quotes in a former speechwriter's tell-all make the president look bad. "If I'm ever eighty-two years old and acting like that have someone put me away " -- Bush on Jimmy Carter. (John McCormack)


Today'$  Laffer
"other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?"

Art Laffer's excellent column in today's WSJ  (Taxes, Depression, and Our Current Troubles ) set me in motion.  Excellent because Laffer has an ability to distill weighty economic theory down to a simple, easily digestible syrup.  While recognizing that I hardly qualify to sneer at anybody's intelligence quotient, there are two areas where I most certainly do.  Anybody promoting the notion of man caused climate change, or anybody claiming that Reagan's adherence to Laffer Curve principles was a disaster,  is too freaking stupid
  to be taken seriously on any matter.  These three short videos are guaranteed to confer upon the viewer a better understanding of tax policy than possessed by any elected Democrat in the nation .  Period.  Even watching  the first 3 minutes of  L1  may suffice.  Watch, and enjoy hilarity like this from L3:
Here's a real-world example. Back in 1989, I worked for Senator Bob Packwood of Oregon. As the ranking Republican on the Finance Committee, he sent a letter to the JCT, asking how much tax revenue would be raised if the government confiscated every penny of income about $200,000. What did the JCT say? On your screen, you can see Senator Packwood's November 14 floor statement in the Congressional Record.

As the Senator explained, the JCT estimated that this 100 percent tax rate would collect $104 billion in 1989, rising to $299 billion in 1993. And when Senator Packwood asked the bureaucrats whether this was realistic, they gave him the same revenue estimate, but included a footnote stating "that these estimated taxes do not account for any behavioral response." This is sort of like the fiscal equivalent of "other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?" (Laffer 3)
 Laffer 1 - 8 minutes
Laffer 2 - 7 minutes Laffer 3 - 7 minutes