Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The Blog Off

Lethal Rags


This will be one of those days
that takes me six-months to recover the lost traffic from
I think acidman felt the same way when he went full regimental that time.  The picture's taken

Tweaking Liberals

Wow Grampy - it 'sploded

 I forget what Peter Jennings was complaining about in this old photo.

Journo Guide to AK47s

Almost Rectum

Heaven knows they've plenty of available A-Holes


Air Force ONE and TWO


 Let's hope the Taliban and al-Qaeda aren't reading this Weekly Standard heads-up
A prediction: President Obama will add a “surprise” visit to Afghanistan to his Olympics-lobbying trip to Copenhagen.
It would be a shame to lose Air Force One, which cost the taxpayers $325 million, and a tragedy to lose any of the plane's fine crew to those filthy Muslims. By the way, you'll find  Secret Service and AF One pilot  views on past presidents tres' interesting. 

Apropos of that, our next door neighbor when we lived in Camp Springs, near Andrews AFB, was the pilot of  "Air Force Two." That unofficial designation belonging to the Air Force One not carrying the President, but his family, or other designated VIP like the V.P.   They despised  flying the Johnson daughters who would say they'd be ready to leave in a few hours, and not show up.  That meant the crew had to stay on stand-by, and couldn't leave the plane to eat, sleep or whatever. The wait often extended to overnight, or longer. 

A Great Rumpus Room

tinged in red ...

Dreams of my father, and his before him
Kennedy went further in warning that angry opposition could create physical danger for elected leaders.
Genetic Kennedy mutation Patrick, sensing I guess a drunken-asshole vacuum left by Dead Ted, steps up to the plate.  He "fears that supercharged passions fueling the national health-care debate may lead to violence."

If Americans still have a hair on their asses, Patrick, let's hope.  Considering its passage condemns us immediately to subjugation under people like you.   And in a nation where,  tomorrow, capitalism's most famous skyscraper will be colored Chinese Horde Yellow  tinged in red,  in celebration of people subjugated for 60 years under communism, that's a big if. 

The Me


where's my fucking Zoloft

  •  I'm up half the night and then oversleep, only to awaken and find that Reagan had, inexplicably, decided to sleep on, and thus leak urine all over, a living room chair she had never ever been on before... which caused
  • .... MoSup to (quite justifiably) flip out, causing the noose around Reagan's neck to be drawn tighter, I mean to as tight as it will get, and then
  • the trash compactor which is just 7 months old won't turn off ... and then
  • I have e-mail that sends me into an almost terminal *ghack!* choke and then
  • these first two news items I read sent me for my 4 pound maul, which I then used to smash everything in the house -tvs, windows, computers ... or would have if I didn't have so much farging discipline and  self control.

I'm going now for my breakfast cocktail ...

Barn Army MOAB

How the heck did we miss this?

oh those evil joos

It's just a joke
no, really!